Tearaway PS Vita vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

Tearaway is one of those games that should not be judged by its graphics, however, as the game has been released on two different consoles we decided to check how much does the graphics changed during this time between two releases.

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jlove4life1541d ago

Ummm how does vita appear to look better and more vibrant than ps4 btw 1st

cyckiewicz1541d ago

in my opinion that this is matter of changes made in game itself. I mean PS4 version starts "at night" that's why colors seems to be much darker.

luckytrouble1541d ago

So basically, the PS4 version begins during nighttime, thus, everything is appropriately darker. Otherwise, everything clearly looks better on the PS4 game. Is that all they wanted to show us? What a worthless video.

bouzebbal1541d ago

both are stunning. Vita version is gorgeous but PS4 version is obviously better with 1080p 60fps and better textures.
Demo is on the PSS to have a better idea of this gem

nowitzki20041541d ago

Best Vita game I played, Used the Vita to its full potential and it was beautiful. Bought it for $20 on sale and sold it for $28 to Target once they doubled trade values.

feraldrgn1541d ago

PS4 version has new or bigger areas.
I played Tearaway on Vita until Plat (great experience) & just recently tried the PS4 demo, the beginning area was completely new to me & the 2nd had more to it.

It's worth it even if you played the Vita version before it.
Seems like the story is somewhat different too.