Halo 5, Black Ops 3, and Rise of the Tomb Raider Among 24 Xbox One Titles Playable at EGLX

EGLX, Canada’s biggest gaming expo to date will be taking place on November 13th through November 15th. It has just been announced that there will be a Microsoft-sponsored free play area that will contain popular and anticipated games such as Halo 5: Guardians, Gears of War: Ultimate, Tomb Raider, Quantum Break, and more. The official announcement from the event’s Facebook page says the following

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Foehammer1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

It's a great selection.

Lists of games are good but if it's all shovel ware it means nothing.

Plus the usual Sports Games

Glad to see the AAA games along with a diverse group of indies.

X1 has really had some solid performances this year and next year looks outstanding.

Xavior_Reigns1217d ago

Already forgetting Scalebound... such a shame. Guess you fellas do take your patriotism seriously, be mindful of the cars though.

Septic1215d ago

Errrr...he's listing what's playable at EGX.

You fail sir.

Xavior_Reigns1215d ago

@ Septic

Is that so? LOL fine give me the L, no shame. Still things wouldnt change much given the chance... 4 tighens baby! Wooooo!

Give me 8

AizenSosuke1216d ago

A great expo to go plus companies showing games equal great time for everyone.

Septic1215d ago

I'll be there. Should be fun!