What I Want To See From A New Wii U GamePad

The Wii U GamePad is an awesome controller, but what improvements can be made? Let's find out!

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N0TaB0T1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

They could have gotten away with a smaller design. I mean, the tablet-controller thing is awesome on paper, but as a primary controller it's too big. It is lightweight though.

pcz1175d ago

''What I Want To See From A New Wii U GamePad''

i do not want to see a tablet gamepad. just a traditional controller

stragomccloud1175d ago

That's stupid. That's a step backwards. I found the second screen made open world games much better since I never had to keep pausing the game to look at maps.

LOL_WUT1175d ago

How about no more resource hogging gimmicks? Just like pcz said a traditional controller ;)

-Foxtrot1176d ago

I hope they don't have a gamepad. It was the Wii Us downfall

Normal, traditional controller please

Summons751176d ago

Yes, be afraid of change even though the gamepad had a lot of advantages like being able to play off screen and a lot of potential which sadly went unused. Only downfall was unwarrented hate from trolls like you who spew out hate on everything. Yes, I like traditional controllers but there was nothing wrong with the gamepad and the fact MS and Sony are trying to replicate that offscreen play shows it left it's mark on the industry if it was truly successful or like it is, not. It's the first try with something like this, over time this could be something really neat. Just like how everyone cursed the idea of having a handheld with 2 screens but now the 3DS dominates the market. Though it could have been a little more beneficial if they just included a Pro-controller alongside the gamepad for options.

Doodleburger1176d ago

If the change is worse and they do absolutely nothing to fix it, then maybe they should go back to what works. It doesn't matter, nintendo is at the point of no return with consoles, which is why they're going full mobile(retard)

luckytrouble1176d ago

Nobody is saying the Wii U gamepad is necessarily a bad controller. The person you responded to most definitely did not say that. It does some neat things, and is an interesting idea. The problem is that it cost too damn much and made the price of the Wii U shoot up, staying too high for too long.

I do disagree with it being the downfall of the Wii U. There are a lot of things that went wrong that ultimately led to the Wii U being a commercial failure. It certainly doesn't help that Nintendo still hasn't been able to issue a proper price drop though because of the dependence on an overly expensive controller.

N0TaB0T1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Not every single thing Nintendo is properly executed.

The Wii U isn't the success they've wanted.

The Virtual Boy and the Nintendo 64 controller for instance.

-Foxtrot1176d ago

Oh look. Immature name calling from someone like you

How am I not surprised

1176d ago
DualWielding1176d ago

the gamepad has to major problem, it increased the price of the console significantly and also greatly reduced the battery life of the controller

Highlife1176d ago

I like how when ever someone doesn't agree with someone opinion they are labeled a troll. I don't like the game pad guess I'm a troll.

Captain_TomAN941176d ago

What you don't get is that the Gamepad adds $50-$100 to a console that based on specs, should cost $175.

That is unacceptable and will never work.

higgins781175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Agree 100%. It is simply people fear change and/or anything different. For example, take the Gamepad out the equation, people then hate on the games available for the WiiU simply for not being filled with 3rd party fodder - available elsewhere I may add, but people want it on EVERY major console for some reason I cant fathom. As for the option to sell the WiiU sans Gamepad, thats dumb, many of the games available take advantage of the Gamepad which without one would make the games themself impossible to negotiate.

Not everything which doesnt sell in high numbers is a 'fail'. Funny really, since when the Wii was selling in high quantity's the self-proclaimed 'core' still considered it a 'fail'. Go figure.

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hiawa231176d ago

A new controller? I thought Nintendo was burying the U

DarkBlood1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Well id like the ability to turn off the screen and still use the controller, thats really my only gripe with it, otherwise im fine with it ish

deafdani1176d ago

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze does exactly this. It should come as an option on all games that don't need 2 screens, to save battery life and avoid unnecessary distractions from a repeated image in the corner of your eyes.

DualWielding1176d ago

Nintendo would be crazy to stick with this hyperexpensive gimmicky controller for NX

GordonKnight1175d ago

Not gamepad means no backwards compatibility with the Wii U amazing labriry of games. I still think the PS5 & X2 will have gamepads.

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