WWE 2K16: Developer Comments on XB1 Pre-Orders, Potential Divas DLC, Banned Creations & More

Chris Mawson writes: "After the disappointing news that four of the WWE’s brightest female stars have not made the cut for WWE 2K16’s roster, the wrestling sim’s publisher has been left to field many questions from infuriated fans over the weekend."

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Roaddhogg1122d ago

Don't forget James Billiards

Hoffmann1122d ago

Is Hulk Hogan still in the game at least?

Skate-AK1122d ago

Highly doubt he will be in another WWE game if they went as far as to strip him from the Hall of Fame.

Hoffmann1122d ago

Ah right...forgot they completely thre him out and closed any connections. Am not a fan of what he said but it was always fun to play as Hulk Hogan in his old looks, especially the nWo one...

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DeeboSlice1121d ago

People actually play with the Divas? That is blowing my mind a little. Not being sexist or nothing. I can't sit through the matches let alone want them in the game.