Satellite Now Blu-ray Quality? Definitely not!

Dish Network announced this morning that they would soon be offering a total of 114 national HD channels, and to celebrate the announcement they would, starting tomorrow, offer the Will Smith film 'I am Legend' in 1080p as a pay-per-view offering. They went further to suggest that because it was 1080p, the presentation would be "same as Blu-ray Disc quality". Of course, anyone with a Blu-ray player knows this definitely can't be true.

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sajj3164322d ago

Hmmmmm ... its an apples to oranges comparison (Blu-ray 1080p versus satellite 1080p). The sound is key for me as well. Blu-ray all the way!

rbanke4322d ago

high resolution does not guarantee high picture quality.

NIN644322d ago

I saw a commercial for this yesterday. . .I lol'd. . .

sajj3164322d ago


Seriously, I feel bad for those uneductated consumers that will get sucked into this compromise of 'full' HD!

sephy 9 2 54322d ago

HD-DVD or Blu-Ray in terms of quality. Please...

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The story is too old to be commented.