What Does TGS 2015 Tell Us About PS4 in Japan?

Push Square: "The PlayStation 4's been far from a flop in Japan since its launch last year, but it's failed to kick on in quite the way that we expected it to. The console's sold in fits and starts, with big releases like Dragon Quest Heroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain prompting numbers to increase – only for them to shrink straight back down to the sorry status quo again. But platform holder Sony will be feeling confident this week, as all of the major Japanese publishers rally behind its box in an attempt to prolong the relevance of traditional gaming systems in the East."

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PhoenixUp1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

The recent price cut reminds me that PS4 sold less units in the same timeframe that GCN, Wii U, and PS3 did

The amount of upcoming games is a statement that the brand still continues to offer the most amount of software

Abash1537d ago

It sold less in the same amount of time because the console market has shrunken and Japanese developers moved away from it in favor of mobile games.

TGS showed that there is a resurgence of console gaming in the making for Japan with how many PS4 games were shown to be coming in the next year. That with the price cut should move a ton of PS4s in Japan

never4get1536d ago

Yoshida realize the importance of Japanese AAA Games Future relies on PS4 sales. He's leading the charge with Gravity Rush 2. 4 million PS4 sold in Japan before 2016, go SONY!

Magicite1536d ago

PS4 gonna revitalize Japanese market.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

TGS shows that the PS4 is obviously successful in Japan. For those of you who believe that this isn't the case, consider the fact that Japan has roughly one third the population of the United States (Japan 127 million/US 319 million).

8 to 9 million PS4 sold in the US
1.6 to 1.7 million sold in Japan

If you look at the numbers based on population, the PS4 is indeed successful in terms of consoles sold in Japan, although the figures are less than expected.

never4get1536d ago


For Japanese PS4 AAA Exclusive that max PS4 1.8 TFLOPS Power Future to Exist, PS4 must sold 4 million console in Japan before 2016.

If PS4 sold 9 million in US, PS4 sold in Japan should be 3 million, not 1.7million.

Yoshida knows the importance of this, The Last Guardian, Gravity Rush 2 PS4 Exclusive. More hopefully coming. Go Yoshida Go!

More PS4 sold in Japan, More Japanese AAA Games #4TheGamers.

freshslicepizza1536d ago

the ps4 is going to help a lot to revive the console market in japan. which will hopefully have a huge impact on japanese developers keeping up with western developers on new technology. the trickle down effect is hopefully even more pc support along with it.

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S2Killinit1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

I think once the PSVR is released the Japanese will eat it up. They love new tech. Just as they bought into the Wii, they will also buy the PSVR.

DualWielding1536d ago

specially because of its two killer apps, Summer Lesson and DOA Extreme 3

S2Killinit1536d ago

among others. I'm not sure what's popular in Japan or what would be a killer app there. But there have been numerous announcements for the PSVR in almost all genres.

A Sony rep implied that the PSVR will be launched along with 10 games. Which is in line with any console release. I'm glad they are treating it as if its a console. I have high hopes.

PS: summer lesson will be interesting though lol

miyamoto1536d ago

This is what Square Enix has to say about PS4.

Square Enix hopes a Final Fantasy 7 remake will increase PS4 install base

“Why now? This week at E3 we announced several titles coming to the PS4: not only FFXV, Kingdom Hearts 3, and World of Final Fantasy, but [also] a new Star Ocean and more,” he told Engadget.

“Rather than announce the remake after those titles went on sale, we wanted to give gamers something that would make them happy – open them up, perhaps, to buying into the PS4.”

Magicite1536d ago

Every TGS adds LOADS of upcoming games to PS4 library, Japanese must be dumb if thats still not enough for them to buy it!

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Godmars2901537d ago

That JP gamers weren't seeing any titles they were interested in. Until now.

_-EDMIX-_1536d ago

Agreed. Many keep forgetting that the west and other countries got titles they are into, ie AC, COD, Witcher, Batman etc, the east is yet to get their big titles. They are right to not upgrade yet until those titles come their way.

showtimefolks1536d ago

it tells gamers in general the amount of titles coming to ps4. simple as that. at one confernce sony shows more than ms did at 2 conferences

and we still got paris gaming and playstation event

TomatoDragon1536d ago

With the crazy amount of games shown at TGS, shows that the ps4 has stoked the fires again of the Japanese devs, and I couldn't be happier.

jznrpg1536d ago

Japan is making a comeback with a lot of good games for console. Nier 2 , Persona 5 , DQ11 and Heroes , Last Guardian the list goes on and on !. With western and eastern developers together the PS4 will be more like PS2 days and PSVR is coming next year as well. There are so many games that I want to play I am going to have to schedule it out just to play 1/4 of them. My backlog is going to he massive by this time next year.

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