New Battlefield 4 update could completely ruin tank controls

DICE is testing a new "feature" that could completely ruin tank controls in BF4.

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crazychris41241177d ago

That's retarded, they better cancel it immediately

Erik73571177d ago

Don't lie you know the tank is OP and abused by people non-stop

Sixstring1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

So many combined arms games are ruining their whole balance to coddle infantry-centered players,it's not worth it in the long run. Tanks need to be tanks and infantry need to explode plain and simple.

FunkMacNasty1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

If you're a skilled BF player, you shouldn't find that tanks and armored vehicles are OP. They can certainly be a nuisance, but if your good with the Engineer class, you should have no problem taking out armor with 3 well placed RPG rounds.

If people think vehicles are OP in BAttlefield, they should just go back to Call of Duty where they don't have to worry about anything but lag and double-jump bullet dodging! Lol

Marked1176d ago


Where I agree 3 well placed rpgs is the tanker with an IQ above 70 is going to just sit there and let you hit him 3 times over the course of 30 secs. Then include the idea you are on the minimap for 30 secs, you're lucky to even get off the 3rd before you're dead. takes a team...YES...bf4 is a team based one gives a shit about that.

Personally, they should bring back the 3 m2 slams to destroy and leave the mechanics alone.

KwietStorm1176d ago

"Don't lie you know the tank is OP and abused by people non-stop"

I will die without understanding this mentality. With the amount of people I see complain about tanks, it would be even more disturbing if it was coming from Battlefield vets, but I doubt that. It's a tank, a 60 ton mobile machine, that fires 120mm explosive rounds. Yea, it's OP, because yea, it's a tank. I'm much more critical about players on my "team" completely not concerned with helping the team, than I am about an enemy tank. Fire a couple rockets and be done with it.

r2oB1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

@ funkmacnasty

And if you are skilled with tanks then you should have no problem adjusting to the change. The way I see it, this prevents just anyone from hopping in a tank and destroying. If you want to be proficient in a tank then you have to take the time to learn how to shoot while moving.

It's no different then why they opted to not make sniper rifles one-hit-kill weapons (except the ones on maps), while also having bullet drop at different distances, bullet travel, scope glare when ADS, etc. There is a learning curve and it's steeper than other guns, but not impossible. Now tanks just have a steeper learning curve.

Seems like people are just mad they won't be able to get a bunch of easy kills in a tank anymore, without actual effort.

EDIT: I don't think the tank is OP in regards to its power. It's a tank, it should be able to destroy things. But it's way to accessible for how strong it is. Something with that kind of power shouldn't be that accessible, it should take skill to use.

DragoonsScaleLegends1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

As long as there are suiciders with C4 attached to their car, tanks will never be OP. If tanks actually receive this 'new feature' they better make C4 suiciders not insta-klls to tanks.

Kleptic1176d ago

tanks are OP against...a single person not in a tank...and because this fact is only supported by a small minority, its pretty clear the franchise is worse than ever...

either way, don't worry about it too just started in CTE testing...snipers and infantry centric loners...that still require that they can play infantry only on the massive vehicle maps instead of lockers...alone...are making sure it gets implemented...but since it just started testing, we won't see it for half a year at the earliest in vanilla...and by then, the guys that want it are all that will be left anyway...

DLConspiracy1176d ago

Tanks pffft. My class is engineer and I always carry anti tank. Tanks are fun to destroy and easy.

Sam Fisher1176d ago

i think the need to take off thermal optics for vehicular, or give a tool to infantry the hides you from thermal. I think its rediculous that tank can have thermal, and more armor. And all i play is bf but still it's annoying you trying to go from tree to tree and bam you die by a tank from the otherside of the map. Shit is annoying

RememberThe3571176d ago

Everything that they do to open up these games makes them worse. It's a tank, the entire point is that it's overpowered and it takes a team or an other tank to fight it. I've played BF for years and they keep making it worse. Seems Bad Company was as good as DICE could do.

1176d ago
pumpactionpimp1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Wow. A heavily armored vehicle of war, with a 120mm cannon is op against infantry? Who knew.

It's people like that, that think tanks are op in bf4. You're the same people that completely ruined aircraft in planetside 2. As well as vehicles in many other games.

Let's think... tanks were made in ww 1 to kill infantry. Aircraft were used in wars to kill tanks and infantry. Face it. Everything war related has been built to kill the soft squishy targets that are in infantry. Whether there on foot, or in a vehicle, the sole objective is to kill infantry. Thus by that defenition, everything is op against infantry.

Solutions: don't play bf4. Or go play something else more infantry centric. Stop trying to complain about vehicles, in vehicle based games.

Kleptic1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Your logic is sound, but its not really addressing the real issue...BF WAS vehicle based multiplayer a decade and a half ago...

but now EA is clearly pushing it, and balancing it, as CoD w/ vehicles as a sort of option if you're bored, but we'll make them as terrible as possible to not interfere with others' lack of friends premium edition with deluxe pre-order bonus $10.99 load out unlocks available with beta testing continuing after release for no less than 2 years chrome doesn't work to launch the game your results may vary special 1st month DLC coming only to you but buy premium and you get it twice remember Sim City and Dead Space we gutted those franchises too but you people keep buying and even after hardline was laughable our profits are unreal extra gold battlepacks release with community exclusive missions that mean absolutely nothing but whatever free money lol teenagers game.

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Eliseo6761176d ago

Tanks can turn the game easily, and are quite OP.

However, this is a terrible way to nerf them. Or maybe too harsh.

Kleptic1176d ago

seriously...what can't turn the game easily?...a bunch of random 'hats running around doing nothing, or even worse: learning to snipe...that is basically the only type of behavior that won't swing a round...

a couple guys using tanks that are half decent? yeah, that will, but only if the other team doesn't have that...a couple good infantry players using faster vehicles to get to objectives? They'll do a it a whole lot faster...and that is all that will happen if this makes it in to retail...

tanks don't need to be 'nerfed'...bad players need to stop influencing game balance and find other hobbies...this is coming from someone that barely uses them...there are counters, they're not a problem, its just a matter of finding at least one other human being that has his head on straight and can pay a slight amount of attention to whats going on outside of your 10 meter safety bubble...

solar1176d ago

Kleptic fucking nailed it. good show mate

HammadTheBeast1176d ago

Not at all. The only OP tanks are those with Engineers behind them. So it's fitting that 2+ people should be needed to take out a tank.

solar1176d ago

this has to be something behind this. BF has gone years on PC without any of this nonsense even being brought up.

GreenUp1176d ago

This should have been in from the start. Now all the casuals will hate it. I would like to see it it. But then again I'm on a higher level when it comes to video games playing Arma. Obviously I'm superior.

DLConspiracy1176d ago

We're you talking to us or the mirror? ;)

GreenUp1176d ago

The point flew right over your head.

HaveAsandwich1176d ago

55% stinger missle damage as well, so all the heli guys can be pissed too.

Majin-vegeta1176d ago

Funny thing is...STIGLAS are being buffed in the next patch xD.

HaveAsandwich1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

gonna be hell on anything flying, if they actually implement the anti air changes. they DIDNT add fly below radar either, so most heli pilots would be screwed. lol

Majin-vegeta1176d ago

Actually below radar is being brought back.

Rob Hornecker1176d ago

I hope they don't add this to bf4!

What would like to see is the addition of the 3rd player in the tank like bf3 had. with next gen here and 64 players in a game this would seem to make sense.

sAVAge_bEaST1176d ago

wtf? -that is just stupid.. why are your trying to make bf4 go from bad to worse???

Black0ut1176d ago

Bad? I still play it religiously with my mates and it's awesome dude. Maybe just me...? To each their own.

FunkMacNasty1176d ago

Same here. In fact, I'm still running BF4 on my ps4 using my old PS3 disc that came with the digital upgrade code for the ps4 version!

Still plenty of players online.

WellyUK1176d ago

BF4 is already a terrible game nothing they can do can change that.

HammadTheBeast1176d ago

How so? It's probably the best full multiplayer fps on current-gen consoles right now.

PuppetMaster2511175d ago

I bet welly just sucks at it. Go back to playing cod.

WellyUK1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

I suck at it? I have 3.2 k/d on it... BF4 is the worst BF except Hardline. Only casuals would think otherwise. It's a bad game and is only moving further away from what made BF great.

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