Halo: Spartan Locke Is the Key to Halo 5's Destiny

Games not starring the Master Chief have performed well and expanded the franchise beyond John-117. Halos Reach, ODST, and Wars are all wonderful games that do not rely on the Chief to carry the story. If the Halo franchise is to be successful in this new generation, it’ll need to grow outward as well as onward. Spartan Locke is a worthwhile protagonist who is both complex and unique.

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Bigpappy1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

I like Locke's voice and persona, but he has not yet reached the Hero status of Master Chief. Just the names along convey that distinction.

They'll need to put him a mind blowing roll that gives him the same kind of heart as the chief, with much superior capabilities.

I'll keep an open mind.

DasTier1122d ago

Nah, let him have some cool moments in the game, but I want it to be Master Chief who cements his status by ending Locke.

SaveFerris1122d ago

B-but both are needed to finish the fight. They should be fighting the enemy, not each other.

XBLSkull1122d ago

Locke is a punk b**** and I'm a little disappointed he will be in there ruining my Master Chief experience just like the Arbiter before him. I hope he dies in the end.

4Sh0w1122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Master Chief is a badazz, I'm a huge fan but if Halo is to move forward it can't depend on Master Chief forever, this isn't a Mario game, its a sci-fi world about saving mankind, in every war especially one as big as this there are tons of worthy Heroes. I say send Master Chief off in grand fashion and give us a new hero, that doesn't have to be Locke but definitely a new badazz that can lead a new Halo generation. I think the BIG problem with gamers in general is they always fight against change, but change is how things grow beyond what they were before.

shloobmm31122d ago

Lockes abilities will never match those of the chief because the Spartan II program was a lot different then the what Locke did to become a spartan IV. Chief can withstand some sh*t. All the Locke nonsense should take part in the first 15 minutes of the game and then Chief should snap his neck, say Im gonna need a weapon and go get sh*t done.

Bigpappy1122d ago

I like your attitude in regards to the chief, that is how he is, he doesn't tolerate BS. But I hope there is a way to preserve both. I don't see chief ever coming out on the losing end of any battle, but he will only take a life to preserve what he see as right.
Having said that, I don't see Chief as much of a listener, he is all about who is in the way and what is the quickest route to get there so I can kill him or it or them.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1121d ago

Spartan Locke all day. I even get a Locke armour set with my pre order for multiplayer can't wait!!!

Halo2ODST21122d ago

Reach , Wars & ODST were Great, shame Halo 4 never lived up

MetroidFREAK211122d ago

I really liked Halo 4's campaign... Was a great way to start a new trilogy. The MP was broken due to loadouts and the overused BR however

BattleAxe1122d ago

I'm actually enjoying Halo4 multiplayer. I'm fairly new to the series, and have been playing everything in the Master Chief Collection, and I really don't understand what the fans had against Halo4. They should just have a Gun Game mode or Classic mode to keep the old-schoolers happy I guess.

4Sh0w1122d ago

I enjoyed Halo4's story other than the original(nostalgia) it was the best of the franchise and I also had a love hate thing with the multiplayer....I liked the new abilities just wished it was more balanced.

OpieWinston1122d ago

Loadouts and Ordnance sucked. But I had no problem owning people with my Carbine.

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shloobmm31122d ago

Give me Halo 4 over ODST all day long. I really enjoyed Halo 4's campaign and felt ODST was too slow and boring.

MetroidFREAK211122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

I agree, but ODST is still solid

Masterchief_thegoat1122d ago

You need deep inside 343 did outstanding with 4.

ScorpiusX1122d ago

No Locke is an unnecessary character that needs to be killed off like so many non essentials.

SpeedDemon1122d ago

I'm betting he will become the new protagonist and they kill off Master Chief, they are running out of places to go with Master Chief, so Locke(or another replacement) is necessary to continue the the franchise.

ScorpiusX1122d ago

He's a soldier and who traverse a vast unexplored Universe. No Locke needed

OpieWinston1122d ago

People said the same about Arbiter taking over Chiefs highlight.

Master Chief will always be the main selling face. Besides Spartan II with indestructible bones vs a Spartan 4... Yeah Locke is going to need to catch Chief off guard and I seriously doubt Buck will let Locke take out Chief.

SpeedDemon1121d ago


Arbiter showed up in Halo 2, I doubt many people were expecting him to take over seeing as it was only the 2nd game and I wasn't meaning that Locke would kill off Chief, I was referring to the development team.

Cortana being gone to me is a pretty good indicator of where Master Chief is headed, it's best to end him while his story can still capture emotions from it's audience instead of dragging it out until it becomes dull.

LaWiiG1122d ago

It's hard to disassociate Master Chief with Halo. I wish the franchise would pursue a more vast exploration of the series. As in, something that is more detailed, intricate than the standard FPS/Arcade style shooter it was based around. Something along the lines of Crysis or Battlefield. But, I know 343i must also meet the demands of Microsoft.

shloobmm31122d ago

How is Halo vastly different from Crysis?

Bigpappy1122d ago

Why do you believe that halo needs to be more like "Crysis or Battlefield"? Halo has a much larger audience than either of those games. Halo needs to stay grounded as Halo, just keep adding new worlds and upgrading the tools chief can use to deliver justice.

OpieWinston1122d ago

Are you super behind on what 343i is doing? They handle the main Halo games under the Reclaimer Saga storyline.

They have multiple teams that work on other projects.
Spartan Assault(Commander Palmer)/Spartan Strike(Takes place after 4)
Halo Wars 2(Before the main Halo games)
Halo: Escalation(Comic bridging Halo 4 to 5)
Halo Forward Unto Dawn/Halo: Nightfall (Two live action series introducing major characters in Halo 4 & 5)

Halo puts Battlefield and Crysis to shame in terms of detail. While I admit the story behind the Nanosuit is amazing, Halsey alone as a character is more interesting then any Crysis character.

81BX1122d ago

Am i the only one who is hoping cortana is revived by dr. Halsey?

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