Peer-to-Peer downloading on PS3? comments on speculation that the new GT5 Prologue update could open the door to peer-to-peer downloads for the PS3.

From the article: "Essentially, distributing what you already have among other users is faster than a direct HTTP connection to a Sony server because data is not being sourced from one point (in this case the Sony servers) but being distributed equally and freely among potentially thousands of Gran Turismo players. If the numbers well and truly do rack up into the thousands, it can essentially mean you are downloading a program at super-fast speeds from many, many sources at once, rather than waiting hours for a download from a single source to complete."

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gaffyh4324d ago

So. MGO has been using P2P since the beta and they didn't write an article then, stupid sarcasticgamer.

Cinos1234324d ago

I was gonna post this, but you beat me to it. p2p works great.

Solid_Snake4324d ago

has nothing to do with the PS3; it runs off Konami's own servers. Sarcasticgamer was speaking about the firm update which will enable P2P (hypothetically) meaning P2P will be available for all things from the PS3 server

gaffyh4324d ago

Yeah I know, but they are just speculating. Nothing is confirmed, they just said it could open the door to P2P use in the Sony firmware.

timmyrulz4324d ago


How does this happen, i had 3 bubbles posted some comments got 3 times as many agrees than disagrees then i lose a bubble? Im confused

silverchode4324d ago

just get another account like most xbox fanboys.

xtreampro4324d ago

for some odd reason the picture to the article amuses me, its almost like as though its taking the micky out of GT5p, i dont know why but it just does

hella whip4324d ago

"and background downloading is supported from inside the game as you play, a PS3 first"

Singstar says hi.

MazzingerZ4324d ago

correct...this just show how the "experts", the gaming sites, can't be trusted when it comes to info about a console or games...we, the community are a better source of info.

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