Guerilla Games Hires Dead Island 2's Game Director to Work on Horizon: Zero Dawn

We’re not entirely sure how far along Guerrilla is in terms of the game’s development, but we do know that some new blood has been injected into the studio by way of Bernd Diemer.

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DarkOcelet1128d ago

I doubt he will be directing the game since it is far in development and already confirmed for 2016. Maybe he will assist in directing some things.

HaydenJameSmith1128d ago

confirmed for 2016 ? Well they said UC4 was to be released this year but was then delayed till march, I think it is definetly a possibility that this game see a similar delay to maybe Q1 or Q2 of 2017 especially considering the size and scope of this game. Nobody really knows how long this game has been in development (I dnt think its as long as everyone thinks) but considering this year is the first time we've heard about it (granted we got see a small piece of gameplay), I just don't think its far enough in development. I see some others games lined up for 2016 possibly getting delayed as well not just this one...

DarkOcelet1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

The game has been in development for almost 5 years now btw so i am pretty sure they are in the end phase unless they work at Square Enix :P

HaydenJameSmith1128d ago

Yeah but the first few years of that game was probably design, concepts, storyboards and they were working on Shadow Fall for PS4 launch before that. If they launch the game at Q4 of 2016 then they'll have had 100% man power on Horizon for about 3yrs... so maybe they'll have it done in time to meet 2016 deadline and I hope so but I just remain skeptical after seeing a lot of AAA games delayed this generation. I see a lot of games facing the same challenge...

NewMonday1128d ago

could be to get extra polish and hindsight from fresh eyes.

the game still over a year away, plenty of time

jb2271128d ago

They started development work for Horizon before Killzone SF even began, I believe not long after Killzone 3 launched. The first time we saw Fallout 4 was a couple months before it launches in November so there's no reason to believe a similar situation won't happen here. I think the first couple years on a console were tough & Sony wants to ensure a quality launch takes precedence over a games launch window so maybe it does get delayed but I think devs are at the point where they've cracked the architecture and delays should be more rare. At any rate Guerrilla in particular have always hit their release dates so no reason to expect any differently here, if they have confirmed 2016 then 2016 it should be.

I honestly hope we are past the age of the delay because it's getting pretty regular these days for games to not hit their dates. I sincerely hope this trend isn't some marketing tactic because if so it is not working for me. I get hyped for the first release date, but every delay after effectively pushes me onto other games. It may give more people time to notice titles and put preorders in but for the hardcore that stay up to date it actively diminishes excitement. I'm glad that devs are receiving the time to ensure these games release in a smooth state but I'd prefer it if we stopped getting release dates until the games are close to going gold. Hoping that trend will quit and at this point I have no reason to think GG will fall victim to that.

Either way I do give Sony kudos because aside from some bugs in lbp3 & drive clubs launch issues, every other title has ran as smooth as silk for me, and Horizon is looking fairly flawless at this point.

_-EDMIX-_1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

@Smith. - How don't you know this game is 2016?

"Yeah but the first few years of that game was probably design, concepts, storyboards"

No..just no. "years"? LOL! No they are spending "years" in concept phase. This game has been CONFIRMED to have been in development for over 4 years.

"this year is the first time we've heard about it"

And? DO you not get that many, many games are being made RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK? Do you not get that during Uncharted...a part of them where working on The Last Of Us? I have no clue just how many gamers are currently being made or really for how long.

You "hearing" of it is just've "heard" of it, that has nothing to do with development time. Consider the first time you saw was a moving playable thing and has been for some time.

@Jb- "I honestly hope we are past the age of the delay because it's getting pretty regular these days"

I hope so too, but that will always be in gaming. They don't know when the release is a sure thing or if they might want to change stuff. Sooo many things can change in development, even with a working title.

Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1128d ago

How does the delay of a game made by different developers have ANYTHING to do with THIS game? There's always a few of you types of guys when it comes to faulty logic, huh?

MysticStrummer1127d ago

I see… A+B=C even if A has nothing to do with anything related to this game...


HaydenJameSmith1127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

I dunno why everyone is so defensive with my comment, all I said was this game could definetly see a similar delay like UC4 and rightly should if it has too. Considering the size and scope of this game and this year is the first year we've heard about it, I just expect it to be a while before it releases. Maybe this year is the start of a turning point with F4 and Horizon being announced but I doubt it.

There has been so many games suffer delays this generation, Batman, Witcher, Watchdogs, The Division etc. I dunno why people get so touchy with me skeptical of it releasing in time like this game is somehow exempt of suffering a delay. I'm still excited fort he game, I also dont think Scalebound will release in time for 2016... among other games...

I think evryone is over reacting...

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shloobmm31128d ago

I dont think they are that far in development. Surely if they were they wouldn't keep showing that same small section and would have shown something new by now.

Forn1128d ago

Wow, they just introduce a brand new IP and have shown a good sized area from it (which looks incredible might I add) but people like you are already complaining? Maybe they should just spoil the entire game for everyone instead?

Thatguy-3101128d ago

i remember they stated that they aren't going to show much because they want everyone to get the full experience when the game comes out

GameDev11128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

I believe they said they will show more new stuff at PGW but they have been on the project for about 3 to 4 years now


"Yeah but the first few years of that game was probably design, concepts, storyboards and they were working on Shadow Fall for PS4 launch before that"

Yeah...... Thats not how game development works or should work for a AAA company, if you do concept and story boards for a few years then you are wasting resources and time, that sort of work is done is some months time even with a small team

And I believe Mark Norris confirmed some of the team worked on Horizon Zero Dawn while some worked on Shadow fall, because the progression of Horizon started after they finished Killzone 3

Either 2016 or Early 2017, As long as the game is quality

jb2271128d ago

By that logic I suppose ReCore won't release for another 2 years? Considering we haven't even seen gameplay for that title and it's being pushed for a spring 2016 release, is that any more likely to hit its date?

The reason Guerrilla isn't showing more has nothing to do with what is done or not according to the devs. They've said they are planning on keeping the title under wraps for as long as possible so gamers can be surprised when it releases. Maybe they are far off or maybe this particular company just works a bit differently from others.

_-EDMIX-_1128d ago

"I dont think" you don't bud.

All you have to do to KNOW and not guess is merely google it.

The game has been in development for 4 years.

@JB- AMAZING POINT! Its has a spring release of 2016, yet we've yet to see anything in terms of gameplay, even at Gamescom which I find strange. Its been in development for 14 months.

uth111128d ago

If they aren't "that far in development" after 5 years, then this is going to be a PS5 or PS6 title! /s

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fermcr1128d ago

Guerilla Games has been doing a lot of hiring the last few years.

WeAreLegion1128d ago

Still sad about Dead Island 2?

shadowknight2031128d ago

Im over it. The real devs made dying light and that was good enough

sparced1128d ago

Guerrilla are Sony's second-best first party studio after Naughty Dog.

Spectre_StatusN71128d ago

You think so? It's hard to pick a second after Naughty Dog. Santa Monica comes to mind and also Japan Studio.

zeuanimals1128d ago

SCE Japan Studio is crazy. They don't behave like a normal studio since they've got a ton of internal teams fully working on their own projects, so it's like a collection of studios using a single name. I'd prefer if SCE Japan Studio gave each internal team their own name like Project Gravity/Siren has so we can at least get a sense of who's who rather than just a monolithic name.

That's just my industry interested self talking, I really don't mind and at the end of the day, they put out a ton of great games.

_-EDMIX-_1128d ago

Or PD, its hard to pick any top 2, they have some amazing teams.

Cohagen4201128d ago

Japan studios, Media Molecule or Sony Santa Monica beg to differ.

jb2271128d ago

Seems like Bend is likely to come back in a big way as well. I'm pretty partial to Sucker punch myself...jeez Sony has a lot of quality first party devs when you think about it.

S2Killinit1128d ago

I like Sony Santa Monica also.

DragonDDark1128d ago

Sony has so many awesome Devs. End of story lol

scark921127d ago

Well Horizon looks like it will make that statement fact! I wish there was DLC to fight a Metal Gear xD

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porkChop1127d ago

Smart hire. Yager did amazing work on Spec Ops, and Dead Island 2 would likely have been no different.

IamTylerDurden11127d ago

I agree, Yager is extremely talented and Spec Ops was one of the most underrated games i have ever played, it was terrific. It's very opportunistic of GG to aquire such top industry talent from CDPR, Fallout NV & Shadow of Mordor, Yager ect.

It can only help to add manpower and experienced talent to the project. Adding more people will only help get the project out faster, i can't wait to play Horizon Zero Dawn in 2016.

Everything we've seen and heard from this project points to overwhelming success, we could be on the precipice of gaming's next great franchise.

ssj271124d ago

It's like if GG hired Snake to recruit members for their studio. And are only hiring A A+ A++ for themself lol i guess I'm playing to mutch mgsv and I'm barely on like 30%