Meet Nintendo's New President Tatsumi Kimishima

We give you the rundown on the late Satoru Iwata’s successor and what it means for Nintendo.

Nintendo's new president, Tatsumi Kimishima, has been with Nintendo for 15 years, but he isn't a name most Nintendo fans are familiar with. So, who exactly is the newest head of Nintendo?

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iNFAMOUZ11217d ago

another old guy= same nintendo, they just dont learn lol

Kalebninja1217d ago

"They just don't learn" is an ignorant statement considering Iwata lead Nintendo through both the Wii and DS which both sold over 100 million units. Also Shuhei Yoshida is in his fifties and Playstation is doing just fine.

rainzor1216d ago

Well, Sony is very westernized. They have Andrew House and Shawn Layden, that's why Sony and PlayStation is up to date like Microsoft and Xbox.

BrandanT1216d ago

And Kimishima used to lead Nintendo of America, so he should have at least some experience with a western market.

muffinbutton1216d ago

I've read somewhere that he he actually lives in the U.S but im not sure.

3-4-51216d ago

It's ok, his arrogance shows through via his username.

TheColbertinator1217d ago

I've seen five pictures of him and not one of those has him smiling

Mrveryodd1216d ago

He looks like a gamer .

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The story is too old to be commented.