Who Owns That Pokemon?

The ownership of portable gaming's biggest franchise isn't as twisted as Giovanni's Wild Ride.

Last week's introduction of Pokémon Go was famously teased by The Pokémon Company as having "new company partnerships", which set off a brief torrent of speculation about what that could mean. Some people took it as a sign that Pokémon would be going all mobile going forward. In reality, it turned out to be an arrangement co-ordinated by the late Satoru Iwata to create an alternate reality Pokémon RPG for mobile, with the blessing of Nintendo.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1176d ago

Nintendo duh.
It just that they created The Pokemon Company to freely advertise, promote, create and expand the audience.

Pokemon Go is not an official game. It's a app to bring people to Pokemon.

It not by Game Freak or any Nintendo developers.

All Pokemon related software on Mobile are apps aside from Pokemon Shuffle which is a Free 2 Play game from 3DS.