Sweeping Internal Changes Show That Nintendo Is Ready To Tackle New Challenges

This is clearly a momentous moment in Nintendo's long history, and one which we perhaps won't fully appreciate until we look back on it in a few years. Not only are we leaving the Iwata era - a period which saw the company rise majestically from third-place to first in the domestic hardware sector, only to drop unceremoniously back down again - into a new phase in which new boss Kimishima could end up being little more than a stop-gap, introduced to steady the ship before handing the reigns over to someone younger and more dynamic. This time next year we could well have an exciting new Nintendo console, a burgeoning smartphone business and perhaps even a new president - but the starting point for such incredible change is arguably now. While Iwata's tragic passing was clearly something that Nintendo couldn't have anticipated that far in advance, the changes to its internal structure will almost certainly have been months in the planning, and those at the helm are clearly consid...

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