Tatsumi Kimishima Is A Safe Pair Of Hands In Changing Times

Despite Kimishima's suitability for the role, it's hard to shake the impression that this is very much a stop-gap appointment. At 65 he's no spring chicken, and it may be that Nintendo is looking to inject some stability into the company during turbulent times before locating a younger, more dynamic successor. Still, it's unfair to see Kimishima as little more than a band-aid - in the next 12 months the company will need his experience and wisdom as it seeks to launch a new home console which - if rumours are to be believed - will unify its domestic and portable interests. Add to this the evolution of its smartphone game business - a business which could very well result in never-before-seen profits for the firm - and Kimishima's appointment makes even more sense. These are exciting times for Nintendo and it now has a sensible and experienced veteran at the helm - and one who may well have the interests of western players at heart.

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