Star Fox Zero's Delay Could Be The Final Nail In The Wii U's Coffin

While it may be too early to start digging a grave for the Wii U and ordering the headstone, the console is undoubtedly reaching the end of its commercial lifespan and the delay of Star Fox Zero is a massive blow to its chances of making it into a few more thousand homes this Christmas. Not that Nintendo is letting such concerns trouble it unduly - the company's gaze has passed beyond its current hardware and is fixed squarely on the future, a future in which it can hopefully return to the forefront of the games industry from both a critical and commercial perspective.

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PhoenixUp1149d ago

People are really putting too much thought into this. Star Fox Zero was never going to sell a lot of consoles, Super Mario Maker has a better chance at doing that.

wonderfulmonkeyman1148d ago

The Wii U still has the entirety of 2016 to get more new games.
This delay isn't a nail in any coffin of any sort.

These click-bait titles for Nintendo articles are getting out of hand.
And that's saying something, given the source of this one.

bouzebbal1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

i thought Wii U was dead 3 years ago..
Seriously, these moron "journalists" of the 21st century are nothing but trying to kill this console at every single occasion.
All these hypocrits were talking shit about Starfox after the mediocre reveal (and it didnt impress me either) but now all of a sudden Starfox delay is a nail in the coffin?
Wii U is great, with or without Starfox.
Yoshi, Fatal frame, Xenoblade and Zelda are there to prove that.

_-EDMIX-_1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

That system is dead regardless of Star Fox's release. It died when Nintendo stated they wouldn't say anything about NX at E3....confirming that its even a THING! lol

All of 2016 is not really going to change the Wii U's current situation, people are already writing it off and rightly so. When the company making it is telling you they are also making NX but won't talk about makes it pretty hard to want a Wii U with all the PS4 and XONE games releasing....

Wii U was dead on arrival when they made that horrible design and garbage specs, to say "final nail in the Wii U coffin" is to suggest it was even alive and had some sort of was in the grave at launch. Its design, low specs and Nintendo's own attitude toward's 3rd parties is what ultimately killed that platform. The guaranteed their failure when they began their secret development with no help from 3rd parties.

I wonder how many times they need to fail at this before understanding that they need to play nice with 3rd parties? Yet Sony and MS talk with 3rd party all the time to seek advice on design, they are after all the ones that will be making the bulk of the library of games to release.

pcz1148d ago

the revealing thing is, most of the nintendo fans were saying how amazing the game looked, and were defending it when other nintendo fans such as myself were saying actually, it doesnt look good.

they were defending the game even though 90percent of journalists who actually played the game said it sucked and was broken.

they were actually willing to purchase the broken, rubbish looking game had nintendo released it next month.

im so glad nintendo have delayed it. confirming what most reasonable people knew was true anyway- the game simply isnt good enough in its current form.

i hope they fix not only the poor controls, but give the game a visual upgrade. i really pray they overhaul it and make it a game worthy of the starfox name

Tiqila1147d ago

I heard not a single Nintendo fan bragging about Starfox's graphics. Nintendo gamers might like how it looks, and probably most of them care more for gameplay and fun than for graphic splendor.

N4g_null1148d ago

You are so right phoenix. Splatoon, mario maker and xenolade are the better games and they all will have months of replay value.

This hurts the media more than it hurts gamers. They simply don't have as much to talk about.

The holidays still look good. What is cooler is we are even closer to seeing the final form of the nx. I'm expecting alot now that the Pokémon creator is excited and the new president was openly harsh on the wiiu.

Really starfox needs to be a mod able title. Not like mario maker like old school pc games. Full fpx support and then just let us show nintendo what this game can look like.

I do agree I wasn't impressed by starfox art. I was more impressed by the bayo 2 mini game. I don't think the game play was broken yet I do believe it may have been rushed. Miyamoto is getting desperate and he needs new artist to help him. The guy is not a zbrush master. Platinum is holding back also. They should bring in another team to challenge them art wise. Miyamoto must get better with his presentations though.

Ultimately he can salvage this game and suprisingly get more people hyped. They had a similar problem with hyrule.

3-4-51147d ago

Starfox isn't as big of a factor as some people think it is.

It's been a long time since Star Fox was a system sell and this new game isn't going to do it.

After Legend of Zelda U, most Wii U owners will be jumping over to the NX.

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rjason121148d ago

Nope, to you journalists, it's never too early to start "digging a grave" for a console.

YosefH641148d ago

I dont see why so many people always need to use this phrase: "final nail in the coffin". It just sounds so dramatic, especially when you're talking about video games. Just.....ugh.

Anyway, the game being delayed is going to be a problem for the Wii Us' holiday line-up. The big games in the US from now until the end of the year are Yoshi's Wooly World and Xenoblade Chronicles X but both of those games are out in other regions. Is Nintendo really hoping that Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival will be the big game for this November?I think the Wii U is going to continue to be what it is (a good console with great games that doesn't sell too well) in spite of this delay but this doesn't help make things any better.

jon_snow1147d ago

Wii U just released Super mario maker(best 2d platformer of 2015), Xenoblade X this dec(may be best jrpg of 2015) and we have new zelda in 2016. Wii u is doing great games wise. Media should do research before making such statement.

Immorals1147d ago

That's 3 games.. In a year. That's not doing well for games, especially when there's little to no 3rd party support.

antikbaka1147d ago

everything announced by Nintendo gets delayed as it happened with game releases before. nothing surprising

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