Requiem for a rocket launcher


"Before it was a rocket launcher with target tracking and devastating cluster rounds, Gjallarhorn - from the Old Norse "yelling horn" - was the instrument sounded by the herald god, Heimdall, to signal Ragnorok. The noise of Gjallarhorn, in other words, meant the end of the world - which, in a way, is just as true of its deadly, wolf-headed descendant in Destiny, a gun which proved so powerful it called down an armageddon on itself."

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Neonridr1121d ago

I am interested to see what will become Gjallarhorn 2.0

OutcastMosquito1121d ago

Is the Truth 1.0 any good now? I recently got it..

Neonridr1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

anything 1.0 is not good. The 2.0 version of Truth will be a good one I think, because it has tracking. Tracking rockets don't seem to be very common with the Rocket Launchers I have come across so far in the Taken King.

The great thing is, if you find the 1.0 version of any exotic weapon or armor and it has a 2.0 version, you automatically have access to get it. You just need the required Legendary Marks (125 for armor, 150 for weapons).

I do plan on getting the 2.0 Truth as soon as I can save up enough marks.

1.0 weapons are capped at 170 light level, 2.0 start at around 290.

Benchm4rk1121d ago

I recently got a exotic titan helm that adds tracking to any rocket launcher. Very cool perk

Neonridr1120d ago

yeah, definitely a nice bonus there.

ChozenWoan1121d ago

I'm gonna miss getting Gallerhorny with the original King Killa!... which I did use to kill the king.

Still gonna break out the Ice Breaker till they patch the ammo glitch.

Honestly, I'll miss my Cryptic Dragon scout riffle with 19 rounds, mulligan, explosive rounds, and firefly. My poor baby 😭.

CrunchyToadRoll1121d ago

They should have trolled everyone and made Gjallarhorn fire confetti in year two. I'd keep it in my inventory for that alone.

Neonridr1120d ago

making the grunt "Hey!" noise from Halo.. ;)