Metal Gear Solid 5: Producer Responds To Secret Chapter Questions As Fans Rally To "Unlock" It

Since Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain was released, there has been quite a few questions about some supposed secret content that can apparently be unlocked.

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lociefer1539d ago

i get a feeling it would be unlocked with mgo , a certain character progression or main event would have to take place to unlock further the story sequences, or so i hope

Lulz_Boat1539d ago

maybe. but why use multiplayer "things" to unlock story things? That's not good.

lociefer1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

i know what u mean,its just that one example of an ending that gets unlocked after certain fob actions comes to mind ( speaking vaguely to avoid spoilers) so with that they have already taken the "weird" road

Bansai1538d ago

Classic gaming bolt, clickbaity tittle and all you get is "no comment"

alabtrosMyster1538d ago

I don't want to play MP :-(

ZombieKiller1539d ago

I kind of wonder what happens when I disarm my nuke during "peace Day" (tomorrow Sept. 21st). I really wonder if this "ending" people are talking about was cut....or hidden. Knowing Kojima it would be hidden, knowing Konami, cut. Hmmm....

Redrum0591539d ago

Its an extended ending folks, to wrap up a mystery that I'm sure most missed in the beginning of the game, something I noticed when I first started playing.

has anyone wondered why or even noticed that keifer Sutherland plays the voice of both BigBoss and the voice of the bandaged patient who helps you escape the hospital???


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TheLordOfStuff1539d ago

I kind of doubt it but... If the update with MGO came out and had extra story content, mind=blown

FullmetalRoyale1539d ago

It would certainly serve as an incentive for people that might not be interested in MGO, to download it. Sounds possible, and I'd like to think there is more content for me to play through.

bigboss201539d ago

This would be amazing if this is true lol. I do think it's to do with online stuff. I did manage to see that 4th ending before it was removed. Apprantly that's done by disposing of all the nukes in the game. So maybe chapter 3 could also be unlocked by doing something similar stuff. We have yet to play the online mode so fingers crossed 😀

WitWolfy1539d ago

LOL GL with that. That means they sold us an incomplete game. People can actually sue for that, you know.

MysticStrummer1539d ago

People can sue for a lot of idiotic things. That doesn't mean they'll win those lawsuits.

deadpoolio3161539d ago

I think you need to go do some research before you run around talking about crap you clearly have no clue what your talking about....

The online hasn't been completely unlocked yet, not that you have to purchase it later...Having story stuff locked in the locked MP is not selling you an incomplete game, nor are they forcing you to purchase anything IF there is anything story related locked in there....

Man i'm so tired of these mental midgets that played 1 phoenix wright game or watch The people's court so they suddenly think they are a legal eagle and run around talking about sue, sue, sue....Ignorance is whats wrong with America, its pathetic literally watching it turn into idiocracy

djplonker1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Why bother?

All that effort for a weak sauce cutscene that you can watch online.

As for all this hope of more storey it probably isn't going to happen as much as I would love if it did.

How do I know?

Data mining, if there was anymore hidden cutscenes or more chapters people would have found them by now in the games code.

hugogs1539d ago

Actually it's still possible it exists, the pc version of the game is around 4^~5gb smaller than the console version and you can't datamine it.

However I don't think it's likely that this is true, but one can hope.

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The story is too old to be commented.