Double Take: Why Star Fox ZERO Can’t be Splatoon

The chain reaction set off by Shigeru Miyamoto’s announcement of the delay of the Wii U exclusive Star Fox ZERO has been a rather big one.

Several Nintendo fans quickly expressed their disdain for the announcement with statements like: “the Wii U is officially dead”, “it’s going to suffer this winter” and “Nintendo’s digging their own grave“.

With that in mind, some have pointed to Splatoon as reference, arguing that it wasn’t finished at the time of its release, and has been getting away with receiving regular updates. No doubt, it is true that a lot of content was missing from the title upon its release, but can Nintendo truly do the same thing for Star Fox ZERO?

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secretcode1176d ago

Because it's a Star Fox game and not Splatoon. Good job.

jholden32491176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Who cares. People need to man up and stop acting like a bunch of children every time a game gets pushed back a few months. This is the real world and things aren't always hunky-dory perfect and on time.

Almost every single game in the industry gets delayed at least once, sometimes 2 or 3 times. And this wasn't even a major delay, just a slip from Q4 to Q1.

Not saying you have to like it but you'd think- considering this is almost the norm- that people would become a little more calloused to this sort of thing

Summons751176d ago

There is a difference too between projected releases and a set release date. If there is a set release day XX/XX/2015 and it gets delayed, sure you can be a bit hurt if they don't get a very good reason for it. But if they are saying Q4 2015 or Nov 2015 then decide to push it then there really shouldn't be an issue, those were the times that they THOUGHT they could have it finished by. But like you said this is the real world and things happen, they find a massive bug, realize it won't be done and don't want to release an unfinished game, they feel they just need more time to polish...either way it's not like they were handing you the copy and they ripping it from your grasp as you were about to grab it. Plain and simple, Star Fox wasn't ready for this year and anyone could tell from looking at the preview footage. It looked good but it just wasn't ready so I for one am glad for the delay and hopefully we will get a better product because of it. Plus, this wasn't their only title this year. Mario Maker blew the lid off expectations and we still have Xenoblade (a game which every WiiU owner is waiting for at this point) and Fatal Frame for sure. The spin to hate is exceedingly annoying this generation, it's gone above and beyond the "console wars" to just blind misinformed hate. And guess what, Star Fox got delayed that just means 2016 is going to have one more great game for gamers and the WiiU to add to the rest of the list.

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Scatpants1176d ago

I'm wondering why Star Fox Zero can't be a soccer management sim.