Amazon Offering Metal Gear Solid V Free With Limited Edition PS4 Destiny: The Taken King Bundle

While a price-drop still hasn't been announced for North America, there are some pretty nice deals if you look around. is offering a particularly nice extra with the Limited Edition Destiny: The Taken King bundle.

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Abash1125d ago

Damn you cant beat that, a cool looking custom PS4 with Destiny The Taken King and MGSV? Feels like a deal you only find during the holidays

81BX1125d ago

Agreed nice looking console and a solid game in mgsV

Travis37081125d ago

No matter what this guys says, he gets downvoted lol

Name Last Name1125d ago

People hold grudges around here lol

DarkOcelet1125d ago

I would have preferred a Witcher 3 and MGSV bundle but Destiny, no way. Its a good bundle though.

RpgSama1125d ago

That's amazing value!, and on top of that a really great looking Ps4, makes me want to sell mine and buy this one, hahaha.

Immorals1125d ago

I want that console, but neither of the games. Good deal though!

traumadisaster1125d ago

Well I don't want those games on console. Pc4k.

TheHaloGuy1125d ago

That's a dope bundle. Sell taken king and buy tlou. MGS V is magical, and I'm not usually a fan of stealth games.

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