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ThisGenGaming says "After the extremely successful release for the other Football game on the market (Pro Evo 2016), it’s now FIFA’s turn to give the Football crowd their version of what they think a Football simulator should be like. FIFA’s biggest addition this year, and most hyped up addition was the inclusion of women’s teams to the game which we will talk about in more detail later in the review. Firstly, there are a number of other new features in the game that we should cover."

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affrogamer1125d ago

uh oh...not looking good!

Nekroo911125d ago

So your conclusion...its better than Fifa 15 but you gave it a lower score.

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Sashamaz1125d ago

I think it's to do with how much expectation there was in-terms of improvements to the game, the game maybe better but the differences maybe so small that they do not warrant a higher score the first uncharted as good as it was in naughtdog were to release uncharted for with looking and playing similar to uncharted 1 but slightly better I guarantee you the score would be lower, not to say its a bad game but you would think with all this next gen nonsense there would be so sort of improvements.

That said, this is all subjective and I for one will probably be getting Fifa 15, the Pes 16 PC port is just an insult, apparently they ported the last gen version to PC instead of X1/ps4 which is why it looks so bad.

yankolo1125d ago

Jajajajjaja u are right error 404 jajajajjaja...

WA3ER1125d ago

the game became arcade like after iterations, ball travels too fast and its always like a counter attack game of football no matter the team you are playing against( you are not pressured to change a plan you set before the game), it all started with tactical defending due to gamers finding it hard online to play against high pressuring gamers.

its easy to ping pong passes, add to that the R1 pass this year is just wrong, in previous fifa games to execute that pass you have to prepare for it and hold pass longer but now its made easier, just spot a gap inside the box and hit the R1 pass( too accurate and easy to control such smashed pass).

true its fun at times but it becomes boring after few matches.

PES 2016 feels a better football game this year, yet with many annoying bugs and terrible A.I marking at times.

hope both games evolve into a better games next year, so both fans can enjoy their favorite games.

Scottyxboxoneandps41125d ago

PES is awesome this year don't know what you have been playing but the a.i is one of its many strengths this year. Beats Fifa hands down.
As for the idiots moaning about giving konami money? GROW UP.
It's better to have konami making AAA games than not.

WA3ER1125d ago

I was specific when i said ( terrible A.I marking ) i was referring to Defending aspect and at times meaning not all the time.

PES 2016 A.I tries to create drama outside the box by making a player out of position, you can switch to him and adjust him but sometime you cant see his out of position specially if the camera doesn't cover that area (still shifting to action area).

sometimes A.I tries to force crazy action if you manually mark well, covering and pressuring with another player but its a satisfying feel because you feel you made him do what he did but wish success was a bit less because, in PES 2016 there is Zero affect on (ball behavior) if you pressure the receiving player(they control and smack).

but i know that will take time to adjust ball physics to player animation, so hope PES 2017 bring full affect of the new collision system with better ball physics.

iistuii1125d ago

How's your free kick count on PES. I've played 22 games & have been fouled once. No free kicks, no yellow cards no penalties & no sending offs, now that's not good AI & nothing like a real football match. Can't wait for FIFA, been playing early access & have had all the above in lots of games, just like it happens in real life...

iceman061125d ago

@iistui...I am currently at 15 games. I have had 2 yellows, 2 free kicks (only one near the box), one PK, and one red card...(second game on a break away with Neymar and playing Brazil vs. France...this was the PK!)
IMO, both games have issues with fouls. PES has too few fouls on the whole. But, FIFA has too touchy a system. I hope that each one can find some happy medium. That being said, I STILL feel like PES represents the overall game much better (fouls aside) than FIFA. The player specific AI is magical. The fact that I would watch an avatar on screen and KNOW what player that was by the way that they play is just perfect. Tevez being a bulldozer near the box. Ronaldo seemingly ALWAYS trying to do so much on the ball. Messi being Messi. Even the total teams playing like their counter parts. I played the Barca v Levante match right after watching it. Levante employed a similar tactic in game as they did in real life. Long balls and counters while trying to keep men in defense as much as possible.
I like FIFA this year. But, I absolutely LOVE PES this year. (Just imported my Premier League kits and badges, so I am ready to go!)

Scottyxboxoneandps41125d ago

Yeah you did say marking my bad.
Personally I don't have a problem with it to be fair as long as you use your radar efficiently to keep tabs on player runs etc..
I actually think the a.i is top drawer for a footy game.

RedDevils1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

I agree, fifa 16 is starting to force me to play counter attack, with the way how manage to keep possession in it own half 95% of the time.

Btw @ iistuii still better than Fifa getting foul every time you touch the ball/player, is a pussy game who cry someone touch you lol

Anyway I decided to lay off football game for about a year and came for 2017 version to see if there any improvement

cfc831125d ago

Not easy rating fifa. It's a good game, but multiplayer connections aren't up to scratch.

RedDevils1125d ago

Actually it the only good game for a football in online

cfc831125d ago

That's odds. Who's your isp and what speed is your connection ? I'm with virgin media 100mb. Alot of people said pes sucked online, but i tried a few games of pes last year and it was fine.

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