Tetsuya Nomura explains why Kingdom Hearts 0.2 is a PlayStation 4 exclusive

In an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu, Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura explained why the recently announced Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep: A Fragmentory Passage is a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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littlezizu1545d ago

In other words, Most Sales happen on Playstation system only, as fans such game are predominately own Playstion system followed by nintendo system.
Why bother doing in other system and end up like FF type 0 where 95% of console sale happened on PS4. Why waste resource on console that doesn't appreciate such games.

stuna11545d ago

It couldn't be put better! The thing is if the competitors don't start pushing more console sales to at least be more competitive based on fanbase size, even more developers are going to follow suit.

never4get1545d ago

Yoshida & Tetsuya Nomura fully understand that Japanese AAA futures depends on PS4 sales, in Japan especially, for more Japanese AAA in the Future.

freshslicepizza1545d ago

i guess that why it's not coming to the ps3 which is what this topic is actually about.

saywat2471544d ago

i for ONE agree. catch my drift?

Silly Mammo1544d ago

Just one of the answers when asked by Xbox fanboys "Why do sales even matter?!?"

indyman77771544d ago

@Silly Mammo. THANK YOU! I keep trying to tell them that! I remember when it was xbox(original) and PS2 and people where asking that! At the time there was about 400 xbox games and 1,500 ps2 games. And they still asked that question ( I think some people are ostriches ).

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smashman981545d ago

Me thinks neither of you read the article and only commented based on the headline.

I dont blame you its a very misleading clickbaiting title.

The Author was actually referring to why its not on ps3

ecchiless1545d ago

Indeed, the title is so clickbait, btw love how ppl hit the disagree button so fast....

Count 1 agree from me, is not much but is the last i can do.

OT Short artlice is short...

sinspirit1545d ago

Me thinks you also got it a teeny bit wrong. Because, while it also isn't on PS3. It is still only on PS4 because they need the architecture and next-gen hardware for the game engine and also because of the userbase they ignored the X1 as well and it's still a PS4 exclusive.

They definitely read only the headline first you were right about that.

DragonDDark1545d ago

Ikr? I don't know why you have so many disagrees.

deadpoolio3161545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Well that isn't hard to figure out...We're 2 years into next gen, its time to leave the poor people waiting for the $199 price drop behind. After this long its time to either upgrade to current gen or just not expect new games.

XanderZane1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

I also gave you an agree as well. Fanboys jumped to the conclusion that they were talking about the XB1. FF Type 0 was on XB1. Kingdom Hearts 3 will be on XB1. No reason that Kingdom Hearts 0.2 shouldn't be on XB1 as well. I won't matter to me much as I always buy FF and KH games on the PS anyways, except for a few 3DS games. Still, if SE want more sales for their works they'll put these games on as many platforms as they can. Even the PC should be getting these games.

@sinspirit Maybe you can explain why Kingdom Hearts 3 is on the XB1 as well as FFXV and FF Type 0. Has nothing to do with the hardware or userbase. The userbase is greater then it was last gen and SE made lots of JRPG for the Xbox 360 and PS3. To me it's just dumb. Their explanation for the PS3/XBox 360 makes sense, but they don't even say it won't be on XB1. Maybe timed exclusive. Who knows.

alabtrosMyster1544d ago

he's talking about what's important in the Japanese market!

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Sy_Wolf1545d ago

So you're saying that they will sell more by limiting it to one system?

PoopsMcGee1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Of course not.

But it may not sell *enough* more to justify the money/resources it takes to port it over to other consoles.

But this is not the gist of this article anywho...

RedDevils1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

No, read again you might understand what is he trying to say.

"Why bother doing in other system and end up like FF type 0 where 95% of console sale happened on PS4. Why waste resource on console that doesn't appreciate such games."

So why should you bother wasting money and time to develop for a system that have no consumers who isn't interest in such games? If X1 even selling remotely 40% that wouldn't be a problem, but it isn't, so no they won't sell more even if it on X1 as well

zeuanimals1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

No, but they won't waste money developing it for a system that won't see many sales of it. They're using basic cost-benefit analysis to make a judgement.

The market for heavy coats is probably non-existent in the tropics, but I'm sure you'll sell some. Does it make sense to set up shop there and have a large portion of your products be available there? Or would you rather focus on both supplying your products and opening up shop in areas where there's an actual market for them, like somewhere far up north.

Magicite1545d ago

Please explain me why KH3 isn't Playstation exclusive? How can they release 3rd installment on xbox, when all previous games are collected on Playstation. This is story based franchise where you cant just jump into middle.

littlezizu1545d ago

Game was announced start of this Gen, when no one saw PS4 sales Boom to follow. Theoretically if Game was announced now it would definitely be PS4 exclusive.

fr0sty1545d ago

I'd like them to explain why the hell they must give each KH game such a nonsense subtitle.

"Kingdom Hearts 8+2x3=920.3.14: Waking Slumber of the Eternal Popsicle"

Sevir041545d ago

lmao! Yes! sometimes I wonder about that.

bouzebbal1545d ago

i'm not sure you read the title correct. it's PS4 exclusive because it cannot run on PS3. The collection is hitting PS4 and PS3 but only PS4 is getting this 0.2..

looking forward to it!

LCEvans1545d ago

I appreciate such games and I am on xbox? stop spreading noncense!

G20WLY1545d ago

You won't be appreciating this one on Xbox, it would seem. :(

MRMagoo1231545d ago

If you appreciated such games you would be on ps4.

rainslacker1544d ago

Speaking generally isn't spreading nonsense, just abridging a thought for brevity to illustrate a point.

Not that I 100% agree, but these types of games do tend to sell much better on Sony or Nintendo consoles.

Fatal-Aim1545d ago

I Told you sales matter. Yet, some act like they don't.

Soulrakk1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Read the article. This is about PS4 & PS3. By your logic they're doing it wrong considering the PS3 has a larger userbase.

But just to comment on what you truly meant. People need to stop acting like the XB1 isn't selling. It's selling just fine. Just because the PS4 is leading in worldwide sales doesn't make the XB1 a failure. It's outpacing what the 360 did and I think we can all agree that the 360 was a great success.

If there's a 3rd party company out there in the business of creating games for just one console just because it sells a bit more than another, that company doesn't deserve my money.

Both consoles are selling. Stop the nonsense.

1545d ago
NeckBeardBSMTDweller1545d ago

Type-O was garbage. On both consoles. They just keep remastering old shit, finish the game you showed us 3 years ago!

1545d ago
XanderZane1545d ago

He was explaining why it wasn't coming to the PS3 though and the PS3 has over 84 million in sells. That's a helluva alot more then the PS4. Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming to the XB1, so why wouldn't you want this on both the XBox 360 and XB1. That's a lot of sales thrown out the window. SE really can't afford to have less sales. We don't want them to end up like Konami. Honestly, having it on the PS4 only is just dumb. Especially since KH3 will be multiplat. Tetsuya Nomura said the reason it's not on the PS3 is because it's using the same technology that Kingdom Heart 3 is using. If that's the case the game should easily be on the XB1 as well.

SarcasticDuck1544d ago

they should release it on pc months later like ffxiii trilogy!

hkgamer1544d ago

xbone is just doing a lot worse worldwide then anyone imagined. also seems its clear which system is stronger unlike last gen where it was debatable.

i wont be aurprised to see square enix making exclusives again.

AizenSosuke1544d ago

Only Played really on PS and then other percentage is Xbox and unfortunately there are not many Japanese playing Xbox fans.

_LarZen_1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

I agree. And this is what I believe will happen to some PC versions in a near future. Developers have to use so many extra months to make a version PC owners deserve and with some titles selling much less on PC and people having the option the get a refund on Steam. It's just a matter of time before a publisher/developer decide to skip a AAA version for PC.

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PhoenixUp1545d ago

Basically because this collection includes a demo for KH3 in the form of KH 0.2 BBS, it makes sense this is only for PS4 and not PS3

Ryuk_20071545d ago

Then why is the xbox one left out? KH3 is being made for that console too. If anything it's the xbox crowd that needs to catch up on this series story.

zeuanimals1545d ago

Because it's pretty clear the majority of the Xbox crowd doesn't really care for Square's JRPGs or JRPGs in general. The genre did terribly on the 360, including exclusives like Lost Odyssey (which was arguably last-gen's best JRPG...).

Square finally making a Final Fantasy game available on an Xbox console was supposed to be a huge blow against Sony, but it never manifested in anything significant. The PS3 still managed to sell more copies of FFXIII and its sequels even in the US despite the gap in the consoles' installbases heavily favoring the 360.

The reason most people think KH3 and FFXV are coming to the Xbox One is because they've been in development for a long time, far longer than the generation has lasted. Before this generation started, people were pretty sure the Xbox 360's successor was going to absolutely dominate and Square needed to be prepared for this by making their games available on the most popular platform. Things didn't pan out that way and they're likely to get even less sales for their JRPGs on the Xbox One than they did the 360 because of how things are stacking up. Again, this is just what people think but it seems true based on what's going on with the PS4 and how the Japanese gaming industry is reacting to this generation.

Magicite1545d ago Show
FlexLuger1545d ago

"Its way too late to catch up, besides douche bros dont care about quality games"

That just makes you sound like a wannabe elitist weaboo. Such ignorance.

timmyp531545d ago

No one will buy this simply for the fact that they named the collection II.8.

S2Killinit1545d ago

I actually want it. i have never played any of these but I've heard good things. So here we go.

MegaRay1545d ago

KH fans will. We bought "KH 358/2 days" ffs

smashman981545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Lol oh god yes we did lol everything but the ending made me want to shoot myself

edit: the MP was fun too

Elda1545d ago

If it hit the states I'll be purchasing it.

xwilldemise1545d ago

I'll buy it considering I never finished Dream Drop Distance & I feel like playing KH on a PS4 feels more natural than on a 3DS.

Also, I'll probably wait till the price goes a little down, that being said does anything kno if Squre is going ahead & selling this at full retail price?

ninsigma1545d ago

3D was awesome. Definitely get the collection to finish it. It's worth it for that alone.

Old_Prodigy1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Glad that I'm not the only one, I bought it for my 3DS and it could never keep my attention. I ended up trading it in for Animal Crossing.

Magicite1545d ago

Its gonna sell 1m+ at very least.

ShinnokDrako1545d ago

I want it. I'm going to buy it.

xPaYDaYx1544d ago

I'm going to buy it day 1 lol

timmyp531544d ago

I'm just kidding but they should just subtitle it something instead of numbering it.

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DarkBlood1545d ago

So will this collection have all the games up to this point?

noxeven1545d ago

I think its just dream drop distance. At some point in the future maybe

DualWielding1545d ago

no, to have all games you need this collection and the 1.5 and 2.5 collections that came to PS3

MegaRay1545d ago

1.5 come first.
then 2.5
then this
then KHIII

You cant jump to this or KHIII and expect to understand the story...

zeuanimals1545d ago

Lol. It's almost impossible to understand the story even after playing them all. You're just setting yourself up for failure by jumping right into KHIII or II.8.

I'm just gonna call it DDD+. II.8 is just too dumb of a name.

Magicite1545d ago

and this is why Xbox version of KH3 is pure nonsense!

XanderZane1544d ago

This is why KH 1.5 and 2.5 needs to come to the XBox 360 first before KH3 comes out on the XB1. Phil should speak to SE and make this happen.

hkgamer1544d ago

sadly no. seems like square enix didnt think about making next gen versions when porting those games to ps3. or maybe they already have and will release it later to milk some more money =D.

i personally dont mind since i want all the bigger games on my ps4.

-Foxtrot1544d ago

No but Kingdom Hearts 2.9 will

DarkBlood1544d ago

Guess i'll wait for that before diving in for the first time then

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trywizardo1545d ago

make a collection of all of them in one disc please

xwilldemise1545d ago

You'll have to wait for Kingdom Hearts 2.9 for that lol

trywizardo1545d ago

well , I always wait for the games to get cheap , so waiting is my thing :D