An Open Letter to GameStop

It goes without question that GameStop is the premiere gaming retail outlet in North America. However, not everyone is a fan of the franchise. In fact, there are several websites devoted to "outing" many of the alleged scams that the retail chain take part in.

In an attempt to make both the uninformed consumer and GameStop investors aware of some of the things that many gamers cannot stand about the store, Binge Gamer's James Walker has written a tongue-in-cheek open letter to properly explain some of the more common gripes.

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Le-mo4321d ago

Simple, if you don't like Gamestop then don't shop there.

usin4204321d ago

Yea, why should any company listen to complaints from their customers. It's preposterous!! (/sarcasm)

DavidMacDougall4321d ago

Scotland FTW we dont get these "STORES" over here but the gamestores aint aint any better

dodgecity4321d ago

Wow, actually it's not that simple at all. Before, we could go to ebgames. Then they bought them out. When you don't have any other options, it IS NOT AS SIMPLE as just not shopping there.

When I worked for Gamestop last summer, I bought a used ps3. It was defective, so I tried to return it for cash, three days later, like it said on the receipt.

I was told by my manager that "it would look bad on his sales" and that he "might" be able to give me my money back. I was not allowed access to his supervisor's number, as a customer or employee. There was no accountability system set up, so I have a broken ps3 to this day.

mfwahwah4320d ago

This is why I go to Best Buy for my games. No gamers around here go there, so I can walk in 3 days after GTA 4 is released and see LEs on the front table.

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Excalibur4321d ago

I was gonna say pretty much the same thing.

You have the power as a free individual not to go there.

I can honestly say that I have never, ever, ever had a GameStop employee stick a gun in my face and tried to make me trade in my older games.

BTW JW You may make your point to GameStop a little better if you take out the cuss words and the I hate you speak.

KingME4321d ago

I totally understand his point. There is nothing wrong with complaining about it, because it "IS" completely wrong. And EVERYTHING he said is true. Yeah he could decide not to go there, but it doesn't change the fact that their practices are wrong.

What if you live in a very small town, where gamestop a maybe one other store carries game. The biggest problem being the other store never has anything in stock because they can't complete with gamestop. If you have a console, what are you to do then, if you stop going there then you wind up with no games.

What do you think voting is, simply stated it is the voice of the people just as complaining is. So what do you do when you don't feel good about something your congressman/woman does, do you stop going to the polls? NO! you voice you're dissatifaction by voting, well since you can't vote for the policies of gamestop, you complain about them. If enough people b!tch about it, perhaps they will make changes. But, people supporting gamestop by saying "Well no one is putting a gun to your head." is exactly why gamestop continues their practice, because for every person that complains, there are two more saying "well, you don't have to go there if you don't like it."

Anyway, I agree gamestop of the BIGGEST MONOPOLY in the United States, and nothing is being done about them.

Excalibur4320d ago

KingMe, it's easier than you think, you vote with your dollars or lack there of.
If you don't like a business (any business) you don't support them simple as that.
If enough people don't support them they either change their business practice or close their doors.

BTW the small town excuse dosen't fly anymore. We live in the electronic age my friend, all you have to do is order whatever you want online.

Writing nasty curse filled letters won't get you taken seriously.

Wildarmsjecht4321d ago

I don't shop at Gamestop and I'm quite content about it. I only pre-ordered MGS4 from them because I wanted the beta key. Afterwards i switched it over and got a giftcard instead because my Virgin Megastore was doing a midnite release signing with Hideo (Which was AWESOME). Simply put, I have a gamestop gift card that i'll probably use for Disgaea, but aside from that, nope. Just don't shop there. Simple.

BattleAxe4321d ago

The only time I shop at EB Games is when I want to trade in old games otherwise I go to BestBuy, Future Shop or Wall Mart.

KingME4321d ago

But, you must admit, when you trade in your games, they do give you as close to $0 and they possible can. I just call gamestop and asked them what the trade in value for MSG4 is and they told me 25 dollars store credit or 20 dollars cash. Yet, the used version cost 54.95.

This would equate to about a 175% markup on your trade-in. PATHETIC!

BattleAxe4321d ago

I totally agree with you that they don't give you enough, but when I want to get rid of a game, its just convenient. I'm not gonna spend all kinds of time online trying to sell my old games. These days I do try to make the best decisions when I buy my games and the game either has to be a franchise that I love or have a high rating. If it has hardly any replay value, then I won't buy it.

Bangladesh4321d ago

I refuse to trade/sell my used games to Gamestop. I'll keep the game that I gave $60 for before I'll let these people have it for $2.

KingME4320d ago

You both make good points. I also feel I'd rather keep the game and even perhaps trade it with a friend who hasn't played it yet and perhaps he has a game that I haven't played yet. But somehow, it just stings too much to let gamestop have it for a steal.

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whylocojay4321d ago

Don't like them don't shop there....

crazy250004321d ago

Now I stick to Amazon or eBay

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