Metal Gear Solid V: Story vs Gameplay

It’s been seven long years since Metal Gear Solid 4, five since Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker — a game while magnificent, that is often forgotten about for its lack of a number — causing fans of the franchise to yearn for the next entry in Hideo Kojima’s espionage series of magical realism. Through all the trouble and drama between Kojima-san and his employer (developer Konami), the game finally released earlier this month and was met with critical applause, overwhelmingly so. The only detractors it seems come for its story and its sporadic nature, chopped up episodically and inserted between dense gameplay. In the eyes of a quite vocal set of fans, this inaccessibility is a big problem, but is it really? Did Kojima and Konami drop the ball on the main element that the series is known for in favour of implementing one for which it is not?

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