Top Ten Anticipated Games of Fall 2015


After the dust of the 2016 delays clears, we turn our eyes to the rest of what 2015 has to offer the world of games.

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spicelicka1544d ago

Yakuza 5 seriously? That game came out 3 years's only re-releasing.

Title should be "Top 10 Anticipated games between the Gametrailers staff".

medman1544d ago

It's their list....they can put in it whatever they like.

spicelicka1544d ago

Sure, and I can agree or disagree with it how I like.

But usually there should be some kind of research into the demographics, the marketing, the hype, and general popular opinion for these, if they want to publish it for the public.

I mean my most anticipated game could be a random mobile game, but I'm not gonna throw it on a list to my audience as TOP ANTICIPATED GAME, if I was the author.

medman1544d ago

Lists are opinions guy. You're getting bent out of shape because their list differs from the one you would make? Check yourself before you wreck yourself.....