[BrashGames] Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven Review

"My first impressions of Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven was that it felt like a game about collecting women. Gradually more and more would come to live in your inn for various reasons and simply never leave. Then I realised that was exactly what the game was about and found the concept utterly disturbing and concerning. It was at this point I realised this was a Japanese game and therefore the sexism was fine and I dropped the matter. Actually, no I didn’t. And I’m really annoyed because mechanically Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven is good, but it lets itself down with its premise."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

So basically the reviewer took issue with the premise of the game without fully understanding WHY they all gathered at that inn.

This review takes the game's story at face value instead of examining the deeper meaning behind the MC's promise, and what it would mean if they didn't gather there.

Then uses that shallow face-value to hit the game with a low rating.

It isn't a game about "Collecting women".
It's about gathering a family that has been scattered by those with evil intent, and giving them a home to come back to, and a place to live in peace, free of the fetters that destiny would have otherwise placed upon them.

That misunderstanding would have been forgivable, but then near the end, we get this:

"Games should be helping to push social boundaries, not helping us to stagnate."

And suddenly this has turned into another Social Justice Warrior review that gives no fair credence to the game's story, opting to be "disgusted" over the most stupid things.[ like how the MC is a boy]

Don't take this crappy SJW review as an indicator of the quality of this game.

It's at least a 6, possibly a 7.
The individual storylines of each heroine are sweet and watching their personal growth is a treat, and the crafting system is barebones but easy to understand, and some of the things you can make will definitely make your time with the game more enjoyable.
On top of this, with each playthrough, you are allowed to carry over the gear and levels of the heroine you paid the most attention to, alongside the gear and levels of the MC and any of the other 7 sisters you've "starred" in previous playthroughs.
This means you start each new playthrough with a stronger team than before which significantly cuts down on grind time.