Xbox One vs PS4 - Which console is best for Christmas 2015?

With two Christmas seasons under their belts the latest consoles from Microsoft and Sony are now well bedded in and ready to slog it out for your cash this Christmas 2015. Prices are falling (and we expect them to drop further soon), there's a strong line-up of excellent third-party software and though many exclusive titles have failed to wow us to date, there's some real big hitters on the horizon. In short, there's never been a better time to buy.

In this article we'll be putting the two consoles head-to-head over a number of categories. We've tried to be fairly concise, without leaving out anything crucial. We don't believe that either console is simply better for every gamer, it all depends on what you want from it. Have a flick through the article and at least read the areas that interest you most, before heading to the conclusion.

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TheGreatGamer2994d ago

If you're yet to upgrade to current gen I'd say go with the console whose exclusive games you prefer because the performance difference in multiplats is miniscule compared to launch so the exclusive games should help you decide which one to go for but for those who already own and XB1 or a PS4 and are on the fence about picking up the other one this Christmas I'd definitely recommend that you do because both consoles have great games coming out in 2015 and 2016

Abash2994d ago

I think people who were interested in 2015's games have already gotten a system for them, so I'd say choose the console with the 2016 games you want most.

N4G3RZ2994d ago

Sony will always have the upper hand this generation just like Xbox 360 has the generation before.

But Microsoft are playing a good catch up game and I am very happy the new direction they are taking towards improving the system.

sinspirit2994d ago

Chose the console with the brightest future. I know some people who get a console for one or two games that year. Sell it. Get the other console for one or two games and then regret it because they want to go back to the old console. Think of the future releases

nucky642994d ago

N4G3RZ - finishing in last place gave the 360 and "upper hand"??......hmmmmmmmmm

nix2994d ago

Christmas 2015. Such a shortsighted question. What about 2016 and beyond? That comes 6 days after Christmas.

Think far. Buy smart.

never4get2994d ago

If PS4 fail to sell 4 million console in Japan before 2016, AAA JRPGs could be no more. SONY please produce more AAA JRPGs exclusive for PS4.

XBLSkull2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Owning both at this point I could never recommend a PS4 to someone, Xbox has all the best games and a much better network.

xHeavYx2994d ago

I'd rather choose the console with games all year round instead of focusing on Christmas. I'd also choose the console with the most and more diverse games.
Luckily for me, my console wins in those 2 categories.

APexGamer452994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Depends on type of game you want. Both consoles have great exclusives. But if exclusives don't pull you, PS4's technical advantage comes into play.

Gap hasnt reduced at all. That is from new COD coming out.


Based on this Ubisoft actual testings, PS4 is also more future proof. Meaning gaps will grow.


death_gun2994d ago

i think both consoles are great, but if you want the best go with PS4

OB1Biker2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Wow 120+ comments for this. When I saw this pending post I thought 'another one of those for people who have no clue'.
Im baffled so many people try to promote their preferred console.
Its matter of preference, end of the story.

NewMonday2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

- PS4 plays 3rd party games significantly better, often 40% better (credit to Genuine-User), to have the best CoD, MGS5PP, Witcher3 experience you need a PS4.

- PS4 UI is faster and better organized

- PS4 has the most advanced looking games.

- PS4 has the best rated exclusives(fact)

- PS4 has the best selling exclusives (fact)

- PS4 has the most exclusives (fact)

- PS4 has the biggest gaming community (fact)

- PS4 has the most diverse range of genres.

- PS4 dosn't force PS+ to use F2P games.

- PS4 is supported by the largest 1st party games studios.

- PS4 has the better media sharing and editing features, and easy to use by anyone, literally a button away.

Major_Glitch2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

@Newmonday Lol at all the disagrees for stating facts. Alright people, I've said it once and I'll say it again, you can support your console of choice, but please stop making stuff up and stop denying reality.
To reiterate:
Sony has more games, FACT.
Sony has more first party studios, FACT.
The PS4 is more powerful than the XboxOne, FACT.
Sony has more new IPs than MS, FACT.

81BX2994d ago

Having owned both before i can say i would recommend both. Its all dependent on the games u like really.

BattleAxe2994d ago

@ APexGamer45

"You need to do this.
0.53/1.31(power of X1) = 0.405. Meaning 40.5%"

Yeah, it's 40% of the Xbox One's total power output, but it's not a 40% difference between the Xbox One and PS4. You should take math lessons from DLConspiracy, because he's got this one right.

jetlian2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Newmonday:xbo ui is faster given everything can be pinned

Most advanced looking is subjective. The order looks good up close then you get slammed by blur at 60 in game feet.

Highest rated ill give you though a few days ago l posted media bias.

MCC is best selling exclusive at 5+ million

Most exclusives counting indies and niche

Yea ps4 has biggest player base

Diverse genre seems even

Yea ps4 doesnt need ps+ for f2p also has no worth while f2p games. Ill take kI, smite, fable over any ps4 f2p

Ps4 isnt supported by the largest 1st party. MS has released more than sony this gen. Biggest game from sony is tlour. Kz if you counting sales

APexGamer452994d ago


We are not talking about that are we... LoL come on...

we are talking about sluggish OS of X1.

There are so many comments of damage controls here....

NukaCola2994d ago

I guess any opinion is moot and you should do the research yourself, but I really enjoy Playstation and have for 20 years. At this point, you have a solid library on both systems with tons to come. Depends on your preference.

Rockstar2994d ago

@ XBLSkull...

LOL...I have a sneaky suspicion you only own 1 current gen console and it ain't a PS4.

OT: All consoles have their strengths but my money is on the PS4.

NewMonday2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )


"Most advanced looking is subjective"

no "best looking" is subjective, that is why I didn't use this term, it is vulnerable to denial, "most advanced" is fact based on resolution, texture size, AA level, post processing effects, all proven by Sony 1st party software like DriveClub, theOrder, Uncharted4.

"Most exclusives counting indies and niche"

- PS4 has most exclusives even if you count retail only (fact)

"xbo ui is faster given everything can be pinned"
why dose it take forever to simply invite some one to a party on X1, Xbox fans who got PS4s for CoD are the ones who brought up the PS4 faster and better UI because they tried both.
----------------------------- ------------------

"MCC is best selling exclusive at 5+ million"


sorry to give you the bad news but Halo MCC sold only about 2.5 million.

as further proof of the decline of Halo sales power look at the pre-order numbers, Halo 5 is half of Halo 4 at the same point in-time, means Halo franchise has lost millions of fans.




"Yea ps4 doesnt need ps+ for f2p also has no worth while f2p games. Ill take kI, smite, fable over any ps4 f2p "

anecdotal comment, irreverent in the big picture, PS4 F2P games have the most users AND they can play with PC gamers in the same world. Phil Spencer was just apologizing X1 doesn't have Final Fantasy 14, so even he admits it.

trouble_bubble2993d ago

"..MCC is best selling exclusive at 5+ million"

ummm http://www.vgchartz.com/gam...
MCC is 2.5 million there. Titanfall did more than MCC, and TLOU:R did more still.

"..MS has released more than sony this gen."

MS didn't release anything for 9 months this year. What were you doing before last week?

.."Diverse genre seems even"

I'd give the edge to PS4. Where's the X1's MMOs like FF14 Online/DCUO, exclusive sports like MLB The Show, platformers like LBP3/Tearaway/Knack, action rpg like bloodborne, interactive drama like Until Dawn? Basically, anything without guns? Killer Instinct and Forza yes, but the other side had Driveclub already and will soon have StreetFighterV.

trouble_bubble2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

"..and a much better network."

Someone tell the Halo: MCC


Because they never got the memo. I guess the inbox broke too

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Genuine-User2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

"the performance difference in multiplats is minuscule compared to launch"

No it isn't. A 40%+ difference in resolution and extra graphical features in multi-plats is significant no matter how you put it.

However, there are a few examples where parity is evident.

sammarshall1022994d ago

It's very minor. The difference is huge on paper but not so much in real-world results



Rookie_Monster2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

What are those "extra graphical features" are you referring to as I just don't see it in third party games like Witcher 3, MKX, Arkham Knight, and MGSV other than the usual 900p vs 1080p in which people already alluded to is not a huge different.

I get most of my third party games on PC so it doesn't concern me but just want you to clarify what those are for the general public.

d_g2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

tell me where are those "40%+ difference in resolution and extra graphical features" because i couldn’t find them in the most of 2015 game

and the last one was MGS V PP


Of course PS4 have sharper picture but i don't see that big 40% Difference

silver-ten2994d ago


The difference is real but you can't handle the truth


343_Guilty_Spark2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

It's not a 40% visual difference and you know it. These on paper differences do not translate to a significant difference in visual quality. The graphics argument is moot. Batman, Witcher 3, MGS 5 are visually indistinguishable. I dare you to find a PS4 game that just blows the doors off of a Xbox One game. There aren't any. Even the best looking games on either platform look fairly comparable.

BattleAxe2994d ago

"No it isn't. A 40%+ difference in resolution and extra graphical features"

Seriously?..... I think you must have had too much to drink lastnight. Totally ridiculous statement.

2994d ago
DLConspiracy2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Let's do some math.

PS4 1.84 Tflops
Xb1 1.31 Tflops

1.84 - 1.31 tflops = .53 tflops difference.

.53 /(divided by) 1.84 tflops = 0.2880434782608696

so just under 29% more power. Simple math. That's not comparing cpu either. Everyone knows the PS4 is more powerful, but it's not 40% more.