Microsoft's Spencer Wants Halo: Reach On Xbox One; Talks Backwards Compatibility

On Twitter head of the Xbox gaming division, Phil Spencer talks about the current and upcoming list of backwards compatible titles, and his desire to bring Halo: Reach back to the Xbox One.

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RiseofScorpio1216d ago

If only Phil was the head of Xbox..... A man can dream.

XBLSkull1216d ago

Reach had a decent campaign but Bungie totally messed up the multiplayer and I'm glad 343i took over and corrected it again.

Halo Reach multiplayer:

Oh I'm getting shot: ARMOR LOCK
I just got stuck with a grenade: ARMOR LOCK
That vehicle is about to run me over: ARMOR LOCK
Crap that rocket is gonna blow up in my face: ARMOR LOCK
Getting sniped: ARMOR LOCK
Stepped on a frag grenade: ARMOR LOCK

That being said if horrid ODST made it to X1 you might as well do a 1080p60 REACH as well. It would be great if Halo Wars did the same but I'd put money on a HW2 pre-order giving you a DLC copy of HW 360 version so I don't see that happening.

nowitzki20041216d ago

Reach was the last one I really liked. Wouldn't be surprised if Halo Wars came to X1. They should just put every Halo game on X1

CerebralAssassin1216d ago

Not sure what your talking about with the whole armor lock thing. Yeah I saw it used a lot but it wasn't anything I couldn't overcome with tactics and skill. Sorry you had such a hard time with it. Reach was a really good game.

mhunterjr1216d ago

I'm actually surprised you got so many disagrees... Reach's MP was an unbalanced mess... And the Epic Armor Lock battles are definitely not missed by me...

Unfortunately, 343i ran with a lot of the BS Bungie started with Reach. Load outs completely changed the game in reach (in a bad way) and the situation was only worsened by Halo 4's XP based weapon unlock system...

343i has gotten back on track, with Halo5, thankfully...

That said, there was nothing Horrid about ODST. great game, and firefight was awesome.

RobLoPR1216d ago

Love the Halo series... really looking forward to the release of Halo 5.

Tedakin1216d ago

Phil wants to see it on Xbox One. If only he had some sort of power over these kinds of things.

Rookie_Monster1216d ago

It will be BC as MS already stated all first party games except Kinect titles will eventually be on BC. Games for Gold freebies seems like a good bet.

Imortus_san1216d ago

That really bad, Kinect Games are important to help sell the Xbox One Kinect they should just make it happen.

mhunterjr1216d ago

Well, that's impossible since the kinect1.0 and Kinect2.0 worked in completely different manners... That's why those games won't be BC..

ninsigma1216d ago

Yes please! It's the only one haven't played now (excluding 5 and halo wars).

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The story is too old to be commented.