Nidzumi: Skate 2 Preview: The Next Logical Step

Nidzumi writes: A few months back we posted an article about what should be seen in Skate 2. As avidly blatant fanboys we got way to excited for the flood of information that EA have recently released and finally get to see what improvements they will actually implement.

Skate 2 now takes place in New San Vanelona that has been re-built after a disaster. We weren't told but we speculate that this is the same disaster that strikes the city in the upcoming Wii & Ds game, Skate It. Your character from the original disappeared shortly after winning skater of the year. Now five years later San Van has been locked down from putting caps on rails so you can't grind to putting "No Skating" signs everywhere. San Vanelona needs help to be turned back into the skate heaven it once was.

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