Tokyo Game Show 2015 2nd-Highest Attended Ever; TGS 2016 Dates Announced

"CESA has confirmed the final attendance numbers for the Tokyo Game Show. Over its four days (two limited to press, two open to the public, as usual) this year’s event drew 268,446 visitors. That puts it in second place all time, narrowly behind 2013’s tally of 270,197." -PSLS

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SaveFerris1547d ago

Perhaps this is an encouraging sign that things may start improving in the Japanese video game market.

MrSec841547d ago

Seems very likely, hell even some western games are getting a fair bit of interest in Japan, like Horizon and Uncharted 4, the adventure aspect of those titles seems to speak to the market really well.

Obviously it helps even more that there's a lot of major Japanese focused releases, but with other kinds of games also being highly accessible to the market it can only be positive.
Someone has to do something to get console gaming back in the east, Sony and their partners are definitely rising to the occasion and they're also building a pretty nice amount of exclusives for China too on PS4.

jon_snow1547d ago

Also TGS had more new game announcement than E3 and Gamescom combined. Most being playstation exclusive. Great time to be a PS4 owner as greatness(games) are arriving left, right and center.

MrSec841547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Well said, have a bubble.

PS4 had 4 new exclusives announced at TGS, 3 at E3 with TLG also getting revealed for PS4.
Sony are well and truly knocking it out of the park, they have about 13 AAA games that are coming at some point in the not too distant future, at least 10 have been confirmed as 2016 releases.

There's also a tonne of smaller games, but contrary to what many haters of PS4 have said there are way more AAA's incoming than indies as exclusives on the platform.

Sony have been investing huge in new IPs, allowing developers the time needed to make the most of their work and that has paid off huge for PS4.
God 2016 is going to be a truly legendary year for PS4 only games and the platform also the 3rd party market in the bag.
Awesome time to be a gamer and very humbling indeed, now I need to bolster my wallet for the onslaught that's coming!

jon_snow1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Yes, PS4 line truly looks Legendary.
Just look at the games still to come(ps- your wallet will cry)
From TGS
Gravity Rush Remaster
Gravity Rush 2
New Hot Shots Golf
Yakuza Kiwami
Yakuza 6
One Piece: Burning Blood
Blade Arcus from Shining EX
Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator
Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna
13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim
Danganronpa V3
Resident Evil-themed Umbrella Corps
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8
Jojo Bizzare Adv:Eye of heaven
Toukiden 2
King of Fighters XIV
killing bites
Digimon story
Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force
Jikkyou pro baseball
Punch line
Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition
Sword Art Online IV
Summon Night 6: Lost Borders
Project City Shrouded in Shadow
Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey
ODIN SPHERE (from guys who made awesome Dragon Crown)
Bloodborne: Old hunter expansion.

Already Announced
DQ heroes 2
DQ builder
DQ 11
Nier 2
Star ocean 5
Lat Guardian
Ratchet and Clank
Street Fighter 5
Hell blade(only announced for ps4 and pc)
No man sky
Persona 5 (2016 world wide)
Attack of Titan
Exist Archive
Sword art online
Drawn to death
Worlds of FF
FF7 (1st on ps4 but it might as well be ps4 and pc as no mention of other console)
MLB Show 16
Uncharted Collection
Tomorrow Children
DQ heroes1
Disgea 5
Tales series
Dragon Dogma online
Shemue 3
Fat princess Adventure
Ultra stardust
Shadow of the beast
Summon Night 6: Lost Borders
Hardware Rivals
DOA Beach volley ball 3

And still have PSW and PSX.

littlezizu1547d ago

TGS also revealed Media bias; When Sony didn't have conference in Gamescom there were a lot of negative article even though Sony had the Largest floor space and most crowd in Gamescom which most media failed to mention.
But a certain company is totally absent both from conference and show floor yet not even one negative article on their absence.

Godmars2901547d ago

Does there need to be when the X1 is all but dead in Japan?

jon_snow1547d ago

They are also pretty much dead in Europe as Ps4 holds 90% of market share in most European countries. So by your logic they should have skipped Gamescom too.

MrSec841547d ago

If Microsoft doesn't bother to try and work for the sales of a market they're never going to gain a presence there.

They need to bring the exclusives for XB1 and TBH that's really not happening much, even in the west.
I guess they're trying a lot harder for next year, but they're just going to get even more overshadowed by PS4 next year, whether it's in the east or the west, north or south, anywhere around the globe is going to be PS4's domain, just as it was for the PS2.

Spotie1547d ago

I think his point was that nobody is writing "did Microsoft blow it?" articles about them skipping TGS, when it was SUCH a negative sign for Sony to not have a conference at Gamescom.

There was no shortage of articles that said Sony made a huge mistake, despite them pretty much owning Europe; but when Microsoft has NOTHING for a region they're getting pounded in, nobody cares.

Sounds like a media bias to me.

Why o why1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Double standards executed by the western media supporting their 'home team' manufacturer

It was same thing last gen.

It was futile in the end. It will be just as futile this gen. The domination would need some epic level shilling to slow the ps4's momentum. They will try

In terms of who needed which conference more. . .surely it's Microsoft. I can't see why they'd not want to be global. Sony already have Europe and still had a presence at gamescon. Microsoft have pretty much all but given up trying to cater to the Asian markets.

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Dario_DC1547d ago

It is what it is, no doom articles for MS coming from the biggest "english speaking" media.
I'm sure that most of these big gaming media sites would skip mentioning TGS all together if they could.

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triple_c1547d ago

Of course the haters downplay the popularity of these shows because their favorite gaming company won't be they're. That's the only reason they downplay these events.

This is great though. This means TGS has actually had more attendees than E3 did this year. That's a pretty impressive feat when you think about it.

Phill-Spencer1547d ago

The funniest thing to me is that they say that these games don't count because they are nich games. I mean tbh i'm not interested in most of the games shown at tgs. But there are definatly Some i want like
ni-oh, digimon, dragon quest and more. But it is [email protected] to say ,,these games don't count, they are niche,,
For me this is what what makes playstation so great. You got them big mainstream games and many, many games of different niches. There are enough games for every taste and every gamer. That is where the competition lacks enormously. One competitor is relying on these western, gunfight or racing based games filled with testosterone and the other one has mostly this cute, a little kiddy-like artstyle while games from third parties are nonexistend. But remember PS4 is all hype!!!!!

DigitalRaptor1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

And just like that....... Japan/Asia is back!

The diversity and promise coming out of these regions is fabulous, and PS4 is seemingly receiving exclusive after exclusive from these devs. They are going to be a huge contributor to pushing the PS4's lineup to PS2 levels of gloriousness.

Oh, and media bias, and all that... cause everyone else on here seems to be recognising. Somehow, the media outlets pandering to Xbox fanboys will find a way to equate Paris Games Week as a failure or not as relevant as Gamescom somehow, despite what Sony will show.

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