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How could Forza Motorsport 6 be so different from the previous instalments of the series?

I pre-ordered a copy of this game from an online retailer and was lucky enough to get it a few days early, leading me to write this review of the game. I don’t usually support pre-orders but this is one of the few situations I’ll make an exception.

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Foehammer1540d ago

Great review

Agree with the authors observations about the weather effects, they are awesome:

"The new weather effects introduced in Forza Motorsport 6 are amongst the best I have seen in a racing game, especially on consoles. Similar games with weather systems exist, such as Drive Club however their example felt too arcade like and the rain effects can be overdone. The rain in Forza Motorsport 6 is absolutely beautiful. Once combined with the standing water on the track (3D Puddles) allows a sense of aqua-plane fuelled realism that I have never seen done before."

Great to see this game getting consistent high scores.

61 reviews with 59 at or above 80, most at or above 90.

urwifeminder1540d ago

Ceratinly the hardest Forza I have played in years perhaps ever with no assists I have deleted some friends cause their drivatards are nuts culled it down to 19 friends lmao been on xbox live 7 years ha ha..

creeping judas1539d ago

But then you get random public peeps!! You cant yell at them in real life, telling them to train their Drivatars better!!