Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Blueprint Glitch To Be Fixed Soon

GS:" When compared to other open world games released this year, Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain is relatively glitch free. However the game did come with a critical issue which caused the save file to become corrupted but a patch fixing the issue has been fixed by an update. Unfortunately the game is still suffering from a few other issues but it seems like one of them is going to be fixed soon."

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ScorpiusX1539d ago

The hell with tbe blue print clitch , how about the do something about the freezing and audio issues .

ritchi451539d ago

Does anybody else suffer with moments where controller input goes haywire? It's almost like input is severely lagging or being unresponsive.

Name Last Name1539d ago

YES! I thought my controller was just damaged.

1539d ago