Bayonetta 2 Celebrates One Year Since Its Release

Platinum games:
Today marks one year since Bayonetta 2 went on sale in Japan, so we gathered some of the development team to celebrate.

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AKR1547d ago

Seeing that it "exceeded" their expectations, that means that they must've been really happy with its performance on the Wii U.

That's great to hear, especially when so many believe that it sold poorly and as a result, should be brought over to other platforms.

Sorry peeps — it wasn't happening before and it certainly isn't happening now.

LOL_WUT1547d ago

Dont encourage him this is just PR talk. With all the fuzz going on before its release and now suddenly its been recieving huge price cuts im still surprised it hasnt sold better ;)

Metallox1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

People read what they want to read.

"Look at this Bayonetta 2 cake!!! It really exceeded our expectations to the point that people were gasping when it was revealed."

And let's talk about the cake, it looks delicious as heck, although I think it should have had some cherries, because of Cereza herself.

1381547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Dunno why you get so moist at the thought of nobody being able to play this game.

It's undoubtedly the best game I owned for the Wii U, and I wish more of its fans who played the original on 360 and PS3 had access to it. Not everybody can afford to dump $300 on a console for one game like me. Let them play, bro.

jholden32491547d ago

If a person thinks that's the only game worth owning or buying a Wii U for, I'd have to seriously question whether they even like playing video games in the first place.

1381547d ago

@jholden - I also owned Super Mario 3D World, Zombi U, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Zelda Wind Waker, Pikmin 3, Toad's Treasure Tracker, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, and The Wonderful 101.

Toad's Treasure Tracker was my 2nd favorite. I got more enjoyment out of that game and Bayonetta 2 than the rest combined. Sold my Wii U after E3 this year, and reading something about Miyamoto discussing why the console failed. Red flags up, ship abandoned. It was kind of fun while it lasted.

MrBrofist1546d ago

You know this reminds me of the old folk lore about the chicken that needed help making bread.

None of the barn yard animals would help her gathering the materials,ingredients or baking the bread.

When the bread was done everyone wanted a piece but the chicken said "no. I made it all myself so I will eat it all myself".

Why should Sony and Mircosoft benefit from what came out of Nintendo's pockets?
They had the chance to publish it but turned it down. Nintendo stepped in.
Anyone with a problem with this is what I'd liked to call a personal problem.

Just buy a Wii U if you want it that bad or move on with your life .
Who knows you may even like the other games the system has to offer.

Thatguy-3101547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Lmao wow they're referring to the cake. It's Hilarious how people twist things to their favor hahaha

callahan091547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I'm realizing one thing I really about Nintendo of America (this post only applies to US... I hear that Bayonetta 2 has had price drops in other regions, but not that I've seen in the US)... they are very stubborn with the pricing of their self-published games! This game still hasn't gone on sale anywhere that I've noticed. I've told myself once it hits 40, I'll buy it, I've never seen it under 60 brand new. Nintendo is usually like this with their game prices. They just refuse to put them on sale or price drop them. Now I'm hesitant to buy it at 60 because I feel like it's been so long that as soon as I buy it, it'll finally get that price drop haha. I've bought two dozen games in the past year, and have only paid the full price for two of them: Bloodborne and MGS5. I even got Rare Replay on sale already, for $20 (usual price is $30), and that's a very recent game. Every publisher lowers prices on games, even if temporarily, within a couple months of release these days, except Nintendo.

Kingdomcome2471547d ago

Working at Gamestop I've noticed that Nintendo games really hold their value for quite some time Especially the Pokemon games.

Knushwood Butt1547d ago

You can't have your cake and eat it.

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hobowan1547d ago

Are you sure he didn't mean the cake exceed ed expectations?

luckytrouble1547d ago

Everyone, the cake exceeded expectations. The cake. Not the game. The sexy cake. There is no way game sales met their expectations considering the incredibly lukewarm launch and cold sales after. It isn't as if the game didn't deserve great sales. It's a well done experience. That doesn't change that it sold, not necessarily poorly, but I can guarantee sales are far below expectations, which is probably why nobody is exactly eager to reveal the official numbers in even a vague way.

Concertoine1547d ago

To be fair, not one Platinum game has ever met expectations. Not even MGR.

Lonnie181547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

How can they be happy, it didn't get much market saturation. Last I saw it was a little over half a million witch is not good for a blockbuster title.

Thatguy-3101547d ago

Read the article. They're talking about the cake lol

Summons751547d ago

What you need to realize is that it's not marketed toward a mass audience. Hack N Slash games are made for a niche audience which isn't very big and just because it didn't make Call of Duty numbers in a day doesn't mean the devs and Nintendo had realistic expectations for it considering the audience and the unwarranted hate for the WiiU and if it went past their expectations then that is a good thing and you should be happy. It's not a blockbuster like Cod, Fallout, or MGS but it still did well which means we maybe able to see Bayonetta 3 on the WiiU or IF the NX does prove to be a new console (which considering what we know, which is nothing, I have my doubts) then possibly for that.

WeAreLegion1547d ago

So, Devil May Cry 1, 2, 3, and 4 selling multi-millions each was just a fluke?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )


on a platform that had over 155m install base yes.
Other wise DMC would had never went multiplat after PS2

Feriku1547d ago

Such a fantastic game. :D It's good to see them so excited about it. (And I hope we get another sequel sometime.)

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