How to cheaply upgrade your PS4 to 2TB

Digital Foundry:
In our PlayStation 4 hard drive upgrade guide we found that using an SSD delivered the best experience when it came to producing shorter loading times, faster texture streaming, and generally smoother day-to-day operation of the console. However, these gains didn't translate consistently across all titles and in the end we found that the Hitachi Z7K1000 (a 7200rpm 1TB mechanical hard drive) provided us with the best price/performance ratio while also offering up a significant increase in storage capacity over the stock PS4 drive. Right now it costs around £45-£55 and that's pretty decent value for a 7200rpm drive - but the Seagate STBX2000401 and STEA2000400 are 2TB external USB drives available for £60-£65.

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TheHaloGuy1122d ago ShowReplies(4)
AndrewLB1122d ago

Strange how the "maximum theoretical" numbers suggest a huge boost in performance with an SSD but when it comes down to real world speed improvements, only a couple games saw a substantial boost over the stock drive and that was during initial loading. Most everything else is just a second or two.

decrypt1122d ago

Dead slow 1.6ghz tablet CPU what else can we expect. SSDs need high performance CPUs to take advantage of. We all know what these consoles come equipped with.

rainslacker1122d ago

Even the fastest hard drives today are a bottleneck to a CPU from 10-15 years ago. Tablet APU's are much faster than CPU's from 10 years ago. Servers still have to use special cache hardware, and multiple drives or prediction to be able to keep up and minimize down time.

Despite SSD being significantly faster, the hard drive is still the biggest bottleneck in any computer.

Captain_TomAN941122d ago

LOL that is not at all correct.

uth111122d ago

This is why buying an SSD for a PS4 is just a waste of money.

MAULxx1122d ago

2TB works well with PS4? I thought I read about people having problems with 2TB drives.

ABizzel11122d ago

It works well, but there is a problem where it goes into rest mode and gets stuck. If that's happening I'd call Sony and see if you can get a replacement PS4 especially since the new models are out and should have fixed some launch issues.

That or press your luck for a PS4 slim next year.

ABizzel11120d ago

Just because it's not happening to you doesn't mean it's not a real issue, that plenty of us are having, but apparently there's been a fix that I'll have to try out.

Anywho it's not disastrous even if it does happen, just a bit annoying.

Mike041122d ago

Not having issues with mine

Aenea1122d ago

Have a 2TB in there since last December, no issues whatsoever!

superterabyte1122d ago

Had mine for about a year and no problems beside it making a strange noise from time to time.

paul-p19881122d ago (Edited 1122d ago )

Does yours make a high pitched noise every now and again? Upgraded mine to 2tb and now about 1hr into a session it makes this really loud high pitched noise for about 2 seconds then it doesn't happen again. I can't seem to find anyone else who has the problem on google though...

superterabyte1121d ago

@paul-p1988 Yes I also have the high pitch noise. To be completely honest it's worked perfectly despite the noise so I've thought nothing of it. It should become less prevalent over time.

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Mrveryodd1122d ago

Come on Sony , how about external have had long enough , it cant be that hard to do.

voodoopickle1122d ago

I believe they don't want to do the external because it makes for easier hacking. I might be wrong though

GribbleGrunger1122d ago

It's not going to happen for one very obvious reason: Having a 1tb version of a console is a selling point and some people may wish to upgrade. This has a knock on effect because it creates a bigger secondary market, which is the second hand market (a cheaper option for people will less money). If you make external HDD space easily available, you immediately remove one selling point. It's savvy business thinking.

testerg351122d ago

Love how its "savvy business thinking", but when its other companies its "greedy".

Captain_TomAN941122d ago

I'm sorry but External sucks hard! It is crippled by USB speeds and latency. Internal is where the real gains are made in performance besides storage space.

nchizimbi1122d ago

My future upgrade plan is anywhere between a 1TB to 2TB SSD drive in the PS4, same as the Xbox One though an external solution of the SSD.

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