Jolt Editorial: Casual Gaming, Google's Lively and Too Human

Jolt UK reports:

''Being something of a gaming snob, I have little but disdain for the industry's current obsession with casual gaming. Although it's always existed in some form or another, most notably as games that are either cheap and nasty or stupidly dumbed down, it's only really taken off in terms of profitability over the last few years as the Wii and PC markets have blossomed.

It would be disingenuous to heap too much scorn on the industry for so doggedly pursuing its cause, as casual gaming is essentially a ticket to skim money off of people who used to consider Minesweeper to be the pinnacle of interactive entertainment. Sometimes though, it's the industry itself that doesn't so much stab itself in the foot as lop its own legs off in its increasingly desperate attempts to convince the non-gaming world that they're missing out on our beloved, and expensive, hobby.''

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