Details On What’s New In Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 And Aqua’s Story

Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura had some more to share on the upcoming HD collection of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue in an interview featured in Japanese magazines this week.

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DarkOcelet1122d ago

Aqua's story takes place in one world only is damn disappointing. Especially when most Kingdom Hearts worlds takes an hour to finish.

Hopefully its big and hopefully it have a secret boss or something.

izumo_lee1122d ago

Well if u have played the secret ending to KH BBS final mix u will know she is stuck in that place for a very very long time. So her in that one world makes sense.

The thing is nobody knows what really happens to her in that place so this will be the first time we get to see if she makes it out of there or not.

Her part of the story is basically the 'Ground Zeros' for KH3 & since she was my fave character in BBS this will be awesome.

DarkOcelet1122d ago

I know this will be awesome but unfortunately it will be short. I want more of Aqua and basically Terra and Ventus. Hopefully they do make BBS 2 with UE4 like KH3.

KimikoGaming1122d ago

Yup. It will be basically the 'Ground Zeroes' for KH3. It will be shorter, and it looks like it might be a gameplay demo for KH3 as well.

chaos9991122d ago

KH Complete Collection for PS4 Please

KimikoGaming1122d ago

I bet it will happen. When KH 2.5 HD came out they released a collector's edition that included 1.5 HD as well. When 2.8 HD comes out, I am sure they will make a version that comes with everything.

Magicite1122d ago

Pretty please!!!

Also please cancel X1 version, no point wasting resources on that, You can play KH3 when all other versions arent present on xbox.

Kaneki-Ken1122d ago

PlayStation keeping all collection exclusive so i dont think there a point for KH3 X1, i rather have PlayStation and Nintendo have KH game that Xbox.