7th Gen vs 8th Gen - Aligned Sales Comparison - August 2015 Update

VGChartz' William D'Angelo writes: "This first chart compares aligned home console sales between the 7th and 8th generations. That is the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii combined sales aligned, versus the combined aligned sales of the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U.

The 8th generation has struggled to keep up with the 7th generation - thanks in large part to the poor performance of the Wii U relative to its predecessor - and in August 2015 the gap grew by 1.24 million units.

The 7th generation home consoles in their first 22 months sold 58.86 million units, while the 8th generation consoles have sold 46.19 million units. The 7th gen currently leads by a total of 12.67 million units.

7th Generation Total Combined Home Console Sales: 58,858,490

8th Generation Total Combined Home Console Sales: 46,189,096

Total Lead: 12,669,394 – 7th Generation"

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PhoenixUp1540d ago

It's safe to say that we'll never see another generation where every platform is so successful that everything sells pass 80+ million units.

Tedakin1540d ago

A big part of last gen's overall lead can be contributed to the Wii U's failure compared to the Wii's massive success. PS4 and Xb1 are doing better than last gen.

Ristul1540d ago

Yeah, the WiiU is really draging down the 8th generation, the question is what the NX will do with the numbers.

Tedakin1540d ago

Does NX count as part of the 8th gen too? 2 Nintendo consoles in the same gen.

Ristul1539d ago

I guess it depends on when it is released and what type of hardware it is, but I would not call it 9th generation if it is released 2016 or 2017, it's more like Nintendo put out two 8th generation consoles, one early and one late.

N4g_null1539d ago

Tedakin this may be the first time handheld is combined with the console.

Nintendo could make the first nx the handheld which could be backwards compatible with the wiiu. Then the home version of nx could be more powerful and have the nx handheld as its game pad. With all of this all playing the same games. If the prices are right and other options have enough power this could be like wii or ps2 sales. This Gen isn't over and the nx handheld will first give the wiiu a helping hand.

It is up to nintendo to report wiiu and nx numbers seperatly or together.

RPGrinder1540d ago

X1 and Wii U are both down, Vita is down compared to PSP as bad as Wii U to Wii. Not all Nintendos fault.

Spotie1539d ago

This isn't taking handhelds into account, so there was no point in bringing them up. Oh, except your desire to excuse the Wii U's poor performance.

Yes, the handhelds are mentioned. But they're not included in those numbers above. Why do you feel the need to deflect from the Wii U by bringing up the 3DS?

1539d ago
RPGrinder1539d ago

^ X1 is selling better than 360 in one single region. That is it.

"and poor 3DS maybe reaches 65 million when it's predecessor sold 154 million. " PS4 will not outsell PS2, Vita will not outsell PSP. So no system is going to outsell the top. Only an idiot thinks like this.

Oh I know who you are, you have 10 alt accounts and got banned. I am not going to respond to you.

1538d ago
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