Metal Gear Online 3 Hands-On Preview (PSLS)

"On the surface, it’s a third-person team deathmatch, but with the fine tuning Metal Gear has become known for, it becomes a lot more than that. Naturally, there’s the basic idea that killing people who aren’t on your team is a good thing to do. Verily. If you find yourself in a tight spot without time to be tactical, yes, indeed, shoot the bad guys and hope you get ‘em, because that’s good for your team.

"But a kill puts a bounty on your head; it makes you worth more to the other team. You’ll become a higher priority target, because if someone kills you, his/her team reaps greater reward. So that sounds like getting punished for being too awesome, right? But shut up, I’m not done." -PSLS

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knifefight1542d ago

So much deeper than just a team deathmatch. Really cool.

just_looken1542d ago

Its mgo 4 not 3.

mgo 3 was peace walker.

knifefight1542d ago

The full title the game is Metal Gear Online 3: Tactical Team Operations.

1542d ago
scark921542d ago

With that logic its MGO5.

just_looken1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

true #5 sense there were 2 on psp.

And logic? its the truth like how gta 5 was the second gta online but 0 people mention gtaiv now.

Every mgo sense ps3 has been crap or very unbalanced. I was just pointing out this will be there 4 or i should say 5th time at online.

5 times yet only 1 was good.

There pos fob system already shows this one will be bad.

Jerry Seinfeld1542d ago


"5 times yet only 1 was good."

MGO1 on the PS2 was amazing.

MGO2 on PS3 was even better.

DEEBO1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

I like have to protect those resources!

I'm trying to build nuke right now and i will fire it at someone's FOB if they let me.

I hope MGS3O ties into my mother base.

81BX1542d ago

I dislike the whole protecting ur fob from others. Just seems like a pain i dont need in my life. A question??? How do i upgrade the Fulton to carry tri cons and vehicles? Thanks

DEEBO1542d ago

Just keep using it and upgrades/blueprints.

81BX1542d ago

Ok thanks i saw something about needing a engineer or something.

MysticStrummer1542d ago

"i saw something about needing a engineer or something"

Keep extracting lots of soldiers and you will usually have the ones you need for R&D, unless they're troublemakers and you get rid of them… lol