This Grandma Shows You Are Never Too Old To Slay Dragons

Shirley Curry is showing the world you're never too old to enjoy games. Her 15 minute first episode of her Skyrim lets play has already garnered over 200,000 views resulting in over 13,000 subscribers.

Listening to Shirley talk about her adventures in Skyrim is calming and may inspire other gamers of old age to join suit.

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BABY-JEDI1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Cannot wait for Fox News to claim elderly woman turns into psychotic killer! On topic. It's God to see positive gaming news😀

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DragonKnight1537d ago

This is beautiful. It really shows that gaming has, and always will be, for everyone. Everyone loves to take on a role that they can't in real life, everyone loves some good ol' fashioned escapism. Good for you Grandma Shirley.

Should have been an Imperial though, Imperial Luck doubles all found money.

scark921537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Ya but why would you be a pathetic Imperial when you can be a big strong Nord!?! #ImperialsOut #Nords4Skyrim #SkoomaLife

DragonKnight1537d ago

Because Imperials are better with money.

#AllBrawnNoBrains #UlfricWasWrong #TiberSeptimWantedToBeImperial

iceman061537d ago

What I loved about this was how carefully she was exploring and weighing her options. It's interesting because seasoned gamers usually take those decisions for granted. Having played so many games, it's almost like those options don't occur to them in the same ways they occurred to us. Plus, the way that she talks about what she has done and where she is going makes me think that she is genuinely enjoying the game and it's world. Props to Grandma Shirley. Enjoy your time in Skyrim.