Top Rated Small Forwards Revealed for NBA 2K16

2K Sports has revealed the top rated players in NBA 2K16 by position. LeBron James leads the way at small forward position with an overall rating of 94.

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Rookie_Monster1542d ago

I feel like Harrison Barnes of the World Champions GS Warriors should at leaSt be in the top 10 over the last 2 SF on that list.

Sitdown1542d ago

You good sir, have my vote.

Youngindy211542d ago

I mean I get Paul George didn't really play last season but he is still better than Kawhi Leonard and Carmelo Anthony. Also why is Justise Winslow a 74?

81BX1542d ago

You're drunk i take it?

iceman061542d ago

You pretty much summed up the issue. The stats are always based on the last year of performance, or lack thereof. Not to worry, though, as the stats are not static. They will change as the performance of the real players does throughout the season.

81BX1542d ago

Agreed. They keep moving. What sux about sports games is i like crap teams (as far as win loss) lol. Oakland Raiders and NY Knicks...

iceman061541d ago

I do that too, sometimes. Either because of home team bias or just for the hell of it. Plus, it DOES make you learn the in's and out's of the game.