Halo Community Update: Required Reading

By B is Bravo:
Yesterday evening, we gave you a closer look at the REQ System in Halo 5: Guardians. Josh told of inspiration for the new system, and you saw, for the first time, new assassinations such as Back Breaker, new weapon skins like the Bracer Magnum, Mythic items such as the updated version of the battle-proven Mjolnir ODST helmet, Helljumper, plus Linda’s storied Sniper Rifle, Nornfang, and more. You’ve gotten a small glimpse into what the REQ system holds, and more is on the way in the few weeks until launch. Also, if you haven’t yet caught Mister Chief in his first ever speaking role, or prefer your tutorials to come from trademark-avoiding and copyright-tapdancing Spartan alternatives, be sure to check out his REQ System tutorial here, which covers everything in under five minutes.

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