Playing as Skywalker and Vader in Battlefront

DICE have revealed that players will gain access to force wielders by picking up specific items on the battlefield. As a means to limit the over-powered nature of these special characters, the player will immediately begin to lose health; this process can be slowed down by racking up kill streaks and gathering extra health.

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WeAreLegion1125d ago


Play as Skywalker and Skywalker?

opoikl1125d ago

As long as I get to play as the iconic Luke Skywater, everything is fine by me.

CyanocittaCristata1125d ago

This guy gets it!

Luke's abilities sound pretty great to be honest

SpinalRemains1381125d ago


CyanocittaCristata1125d ago

Haha, it didn't have the same ring to it.

Grimhammer001125d ago rather than make hero/villain (you'd hope their more than just Luke & Vader in the game) need only pick up their coins or whatever....


I guess its very casual friendly shooter their going for here. I figured they'd be killstreaks or scorestreaks.

CyanocittaCristata1125d ago

Yeah it's kind of a weird system, I thought maybe they would reward players for good play with the hero/villain abilities but nah, it sounds like anyone can.

Suppose it's a way of letting less experienced players a chance to play as heroes

antz11041125d ago

See I hear kill/score streaks and I think that's the epitome of a casual shooter.