Nintendo files patent for handheld with outward-facing linear image sensors

It seems that Nintendo has filed a patent for a brand new handheld that features outward-facing linear image sensors. The actual applicant of the patent isn't Nintendo itself, however, there's a direct connection between the game company and Fumihiko Inoue, who is listed as one of the patent application investors. He has been an investor in previous patents filed by Nintendo, and there's also an interview with him on Ninendo's japanese site. Couple that with what appears to be functionality to support Amiibo-like figures, and we may be looking at what's supposedly the successor to the 3DS.

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Kalebninja1548d ago

I speculated that the most recent patent was related to the 3DS successor. I think this is related as well. They just may reveal two consoles next year.

Summons751548d ago

Or the NX is the next handheld since it's about time for that and NOT time for a new console.

_-EDMIX-_1548d ago

lol, you very much might be correct. This could very much be the NX we are seeing.

Kalebninja1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

I don't know, the 3ds sales are much higher than the wii u's and can last a bit longer than it. they only recently broke even with the wii u and the amount of games its receiving is much lower than the 3ds. What is actually more probably is that the NX is a rebranding. Like sony's home consoles are the playstation with each new one being numbered and its portable consoles are by the same name but with portable added to the name. There was a recent leak that says something similar as well but we don't know if the source is real.

Actually, what pretty much confirms that there is at least a home console in the works is that SE said they were considering bringing Dragon Quest 11 to it. there would be no reason to do that if it were portable since they made a portable version for the 3DS. The only reason would be that because the Wii U isn't powerful enough to handle the home console version of it they thought of bringing it to the NX.

zeuanimals1548d ago

Some people are thinking it's a hybrid, or a handheld that can plug into a TV so you can play on a bigger screen.

D2K1548d ago

NX may be a "system" and not just "A" console. The portable unit and home terminal may function congruently. People need to not get hung up on the so called "release schedule" of Nintendo. There is no reason why NX can't be released next year. Especially considering that the Wii U will somehow be absorbed into the NX system. Those who have Wii U don't need to feel left out or betrayed on their purchase if NX comes out next year. What does waiting one more year do? Nothing.

One could argue that maybe it would allow for more games to be available at launch, but from what we know of NX that won't be an issue anyway and I would venture to say that Nintendo has been developing NX titles for awhile now as well as 3rd parties.

3-4-51547d ago

3DS release = 2011

2016 seems like a good release year for a new Nintendo handheld.

DS still had life for the first 2 years of 3Ds existence, and 3DS will still sell and have good games for another 2 years.

Can't wait to see what this NX stuff is all about.

BrandanT1548d ago

Before people say that's what the controller and/or console would like - patents are for the concept NOT the final product.

wonderfulmonkeyman1548d ago

So what the heck is this outward-facing linear image sensor supposed to do, in terms of gameplay?

BrandanT1548d ago

Wait and see, monkeyman. There's many possibilities. Personally, I think it may be an apparatus for the bigger product.