Gamescampus will give you $30 if you don't like their game has revealed that they will give any player $30 if they don't like their new title, Asda Story.

The company is so confident that players will be satisfied with the Asda Story experience that they are staking money on it.

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apoc6153817d ago

I dont like how it looks in the picture,wheres my $30 dollars ?

iamtehpwn3817d ago

the art style is pretty bad.

Hydrolex3817d ago

By the picture I can tell you that they already owe me 30 bucks.

VampHuntD3817d ago

And I'll probably be one of them. But hey it does force me to try the game. Is there a catch? Like if you like it, say you didn't and get the cash? Or do they perm ban your ip or something? I'd say that would be a smart but over kill move...

kraven3817d ago

yeah vamp, you gotta play the game to level 40 and can then claim the money if you dont like it. still, being paid to play a free game can't be bad!!

RealityCheck3817d ago

The catch is they probably will sell your personal information to marketing partners unless you specifically opt-out which most people don't think of doing.

ZombieNinjaPanda3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Gimme my 30 dollars!

Okay, so whats the game about anyway?

[email protected] of article.

Unique soul mate system? So it basically marriage online in a game...?

Why would anyone want to do that..?

cr33ping_death3817d ago

meh dont like the look of the characters.....where are my $30? i want my $30? i still dont have my $30 ? will i ever get my $30 ? fine i dont want your $30.

Xandet3817d ago

definitely not the greatest free MMORPG out there. It's worth $30 just to check out though!

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