Opinion: Konami rumors tarnish childhood memories

[email protected]'s Jason Fanelli eulogizes one of the defining game publishers of his youth, from the NES to now.

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FullmetalRoyale1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Nothing these people can do can ruin your childhood memories. Even entertaining that idea is just plain silly. True, these guys along with Capcom and Nintendo themselves were responsible for laying the foundation of some of my fondest memories, but you're a damn fool if you let them take that away from you.

Tross1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Agreed. Besides, all those classic games are games already purchased and enjoyed. Any you still happen to have around are already purchased, and so no longer benefit Konami financially. Classics you don't have but wish to acquire will likely be acquired used anyways so they don't get one red cent from any of those purchases. Digital purchases do benefit them , but they aren't the only option if you have the proper systems. But above all else, as you have so eloquently stated, memories are one thing Konami can never take away no matter how hard they try.

FullmetalRoyale1542d ago

Definitely. Their classics are still classics, even if they've gotten out of console gaming. I didn't even think about that aspect, and I totally agree. They made a lot of games people absolutely should play if they haven't. SoTN isn't any less of a masterpiece.

Enigma_20991542d ago


... hey, the SyFy logo was your clue to stop reading.

Retroman1542d ago

G4 on SYFY now?? yikes!!

Enigma_20991542d ago

One of those disagrees came from you, didn't it "pole-sitter?" ;)

franwex1542d ago

They make more money doing other things. Nothing personal it's just business. They've moved on; time for you to move on too.

_-EDMIX-_1542d ago

Agreed. I'm a huge MGS and Silent Hill fan and I'm fine with them moving on.

I feel folks take this a bit too personal and emotional. Its business. Love MGSV right now, but its sales are sorta telling as to why Konami is seeking business else where.

7 years and rumored $80 million development should be seeing not only record sales, but should be in theory outselling most AAA games right now.

Sucks, but its business. They can't afford another 7 years development of a title that just does like 10 million units.

Not when other titles are pushing twice that yearly with a fraction of the development cost.

Gamers on here are way, way too emotional on this matter and many it seems are not able to distinct business from personal matters. Emotion has no place in business, leave it at the door when discussing business. It sucks that happened, but I understand why its happening. I mean..gamer's feelings getting mixed up with business only shows the level of maturity in the community. The konami hate seems to be fueled by personal emotion and feelings and not a real solid reason why they should stay in the game.

When MGS is taking longer to make, costing more then most titles and getting a fraction of sales....I think its time Konami leaves the console AAA industry. I can't blame them for that move, even as a hardcore MGS fan.

secretcode1542d ago

I dunno man, as shitty as Konami can be I still really love Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Nothing they do can mess that up.