Video: See Bloodborne's new DLC in action


"One of the highlight's of this week's Tokyo Game Show was most definitely the reveal of The Old Hunters, From Software's expansion for the PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne. We shared the full details yesterday, and now's your chance to see us fumble through it while going into a little more detail about what to expect, and why it's so bloody exciting."

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Spectre_StatusN71123d ago

Studio Japan said no more DLC being planned for Bloodborne after The Old Hunters. I'm hoping they hook up with From Software again and give us Demon Souls 2

robtion1123d ago

I would rather Bloodborne 2. Demons Souls is too similar to Dark Souls. I finished Demons Souls at release back before the whole Souls thing took off and it was great, but Bloodborne is on a whole other level in my opinion.

nucky641123d ago

I want both! there is no way I could pick between the 2.

Malphite1123d ago

I'd rather have a new setting again. Maybe futuristic dystopia or lovecraftian cyberpunk in space or even post apocalyptic setting. There are a lot of possibilities. I'd love to see Bloodborne 2 too though.

StrawberryDiesel4201123d ago

I adore Bloodborne and I know what you mean, however, to not do something with the IP would be foolish. Demon's Souls 2 should definitely be made. Bloodborne 2 will come soon enough, it's inevitable.

TWB1123d ago

I cant see how Demons Souls could have a decent sequel (in terms of story and how it could evolve gameplay). Dark Souls 3 is the closest we are going to get to DeS2. The castle design resembles more Boletaria than Burg, weapon swings are more snappy (and so is rolling) like DeS, mana bar is back and even some similar enemy design is back (one part of the trailer is almost Tower of Latria 2, the "praising slaves" are back and someone even said that one of the bigger enemies had similar moveset to Fat Official).

DeS remaster/remake could be amazing. I like its graphics and themes better than DaS and some uplifting in tye graphics department + some missing content could be great.

DragonDDark1123d ago

Damn.. looks really good. Can not wait to get my hands on it.

TomatoDragon1123d ago

Oh man.....take my money.

robtion1123d ago

Kinda bummed I have to wait 2 months to play it. I want it now!

Sunny_D1123d ago

Oh man, I want that Bloodborne figurine!