Metal Gear Solid's failure spectrum

Tom Francis:

"Being an outsider to the Metal Gear series, I was only cautiously optimistic about V. All I heard about the last one was that it had 90-minute cut-scenes. I watched enough of one of them on YouTube to determine that it was… not my cup of tea. Of V, I’d seen some fun stuff in videos, but I was half-assuming the story would barge in and ruin it."

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Takwin1177d ago

I am not a fan of the story and lore of a Metal Gear at all, but this game appeals to me for the blending of the great parts (design, gameplay, graphics) and slimming down of what I consider (as in my opinion!) bloat (cutscenes and plot).

SolidGear31177d ago

The whole point of MGS is the story which is why I'm skipping this completely until they fix their $%&#.

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audiocafe1177d ago

I agree the story for me is the biggest thing about it but I recommend you give it a shot, if not to just see it through to the end. It also plays well. It's like a fully-realized, console-quality Peacewalker. And actually some of the issues I had with Peacwalker are some of the same I had with still, MGS5 is good game just not a great MGS, at least in my opinion but I think there was some interesting things going on in the story. Overall the ending satisfied me enough, though I still have some questions about it.

SolidGear31177d ago

I figured it's a great game but not a great MGS game. Like I love Resident Evil 6 even though it's not like a traditional RE game outside of Leon's campaign.

Tankbusta401177d ago

"I can't get behind 90 minutes of story"

Jesus do people not read books anymore? I loved MGS story... Mgsv was good but at the end it was more an open world game than Metal Gear. Most fans will agree with this, and while it does appeal to those who were not series fans I can only hope that Konami continues the series and finds a common ground between large cut scenes and scarce cut scenes

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