Bungie admits it should have addressed Destiny’s heavy ammo glitch sooner


"One year on, it's safe to say that Destiny is still going strong. With more players than ever filling its servers and new expansion The Taken King now doing the rounds, Bungie can start to roll out its plans for year two. However, just because Destiny's numbers are bucking the traditional dropoff most MMOs endure doesn't mean the studio is resting on its laurels. In fact, it's been hard at work addressing a number of issues and exploits that have held the game back over the past 12 months. Including a little glitch that enabled players to cheese unlimited heavy ammo."

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ABizzel11543d ago

There are a lot of things in Destiny that should have been addressed a long time ago. The Taken King fixes most of the issues, and adds a good deal more content, so it's finally the Destiny that players should have had Day 1, although I still have some minor complaints, but they're minor in the grand scheme of things now.

jmc88881543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Alot of content?

From the reviews the TTK story content is about 4 hours worth.

Still no matchmaking... and no that isn't minor. It's pretty massive, and has caused many, many players to grind to a halt in their progression. \

All this for the low, low price of $79 if you didn't get the previous DLC and got the digital version.

maybelovehate1543d ago

4 hours? Some of the quests alone take over 4 hours haha.

I am over 100 hours in and still not done with all the quests.

The campaign doesn't end when most lazy reviewers think it does. I mean even the best players are still unlocking new quests and missions.

n4rc1543d ago

nah those reviews are wrong... maybe to make a quick run through to oryx takes 4 hours if you arent exploring..

but ive been playing since tuesday every free minute i have (lol) and im still unlocking new story missions.. what you see right off the bat isnt nearly all of it

GearSkiN1543d ago

They should have admit that the game wasn't even complete sooner.

GrimDragon1543d ago

The main story with oryx is incredibly short it's not four hours it's more like an hour tops. It starts on Mars with about three short missions on other existing planets and another three if I recall on the dreadnought. Killing oryx takes all of about 5-10 minutes. Nothing like the trouble it was killing Crota. That being said there really is a lot of end game content lots more actual quest to unlock and the dreadnought is not only huge but filled with secrets and things to do and find. I cannot in no way justify the 80 dollar price tag but it's definitely better than it ever was not to say it's flawless as it still has many flaws that exist and definitely would not give this game a 9.5 like some review sites. I'll give this game one thing though and it's that it's a addicting as all hell. The love hate relationship is strong with this game and will continue for a very long time it seems.