Sony Will Show More PS4 Games Other Than Quantic Dream's At Paris Games Week, More Details - Rumour

Sony is rumored to have a big presence at the show.

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Thatguy-3101541d ago

Think we can expect Sony bend's new game. More insight on MM new game as well. All in all this should be quite a conference we should be getting. Can't wait!

suckingeggs1541d ago

Gamingbolt .....

'We know nothing but let's state the obvious and be sure to add rumour to cover our backs'

Genuine-User1541d ago

Gamingbolt used Tidux as a source. I don't know what to say.

Justiceleague1541d ago

@Genuine-User just say the games are coming and it's just a matter of time.

NukaCola1541d ago

Maybe "Blueprint" will announce another remastered game... eh?

Dee_911541d ago

and here i am, sitting here this entire time 100% sure Sony was only showing QD's game at PGW. Thanks gamingbolt.

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triple_c1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

I can't wait either man. We will definitely see more of Media Molecules game at PGS. At E3 Media Molecule said they would share more about DREAMS at PGS.

showtimefolks1541d ago

I expect these 2 developers and whatever else sony has in store

Quantic Dream's new IP
Media Molecule will show off Dreams

sony just revealed a lot of titles at TGS

than to close the year we will get the PlayStation event

i think PlayStation even will be bigger for sony than E3

at PSX:

an updated Uncharted 4 demo
Horizon zero down new info
God of war which was confirmed after last year's PSX
Possible update on Shenmue 3
and FF7 remake

could we see sony announce with partnership with sega Shenmue 1-2

there was also a rumor that R* new game will be announced at PSX(didn't say exclusive just that it would be announced)

zeuanimals1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

I don't think there's as much impact from an update as there is from an announcement, atleast if that update doesn't show a ton of progress which I doubt there has been for atleast the FFVII Remake, maybe Shenmue III too. The FFVII Remake likely just started development, Tetsuya Nomura, the freaking director of the game didn't even know he was going to be directing it until hearing about it in a stream. Recently he just left being the director of FFXV to direct KH3 and now he's gonna do FFVII? No way the game is coming soon and we likely won't see gameplay for a long while.

Sony's E3 likely won't be beaten by another conference ever simply because of the circumstances that allowed it to be as great as it is.

Majin-vegeta1541d ago

In other news the sky is wet and water is dry.

DragonDDark1541d ago

For real bruh?

xtremexx1540d ago

Sky is Wet and Water is Dry, More Details - Rumour -

rainslacker1540d ago

And it's gamingbolt, so somehow that will make the X1 better.

itsjustexuma1541d ago

This isn't a rumor this is common sense lol

Satyre281541d ago

Pretty sure they have to or they will be in trouble. Xbox has been coming hard as heck lately.

Justiceleague1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

You really think so? I don't think Sony is worried at this point. I think Sony is about to surprise a lot of people at PSX and PGW

nX1541d ago

Sony isn't surprising anyone at this point, every show they're at is packed with new announcements. I'm just hoping that GT7 and God Of War 4 will be shown this year.

Kalebninja1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Really? they totally didn't just announce a ton of exclusive titles in the past week,locked down the Japanese market completely and have sold at least double the amount of consoles than Xbox. They Won't be in trouble.

S2Killinit1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

let me tell you. All these xbox "best line up ever" is about 2 games (halo and forza) Thats it. There is nothing else. In fact, even during those months the PS4 is getting more exclusives. stop buying the PR and go do a search yourself. MS announced their "best line up ever for the holidays" about 2-1/2 months ago. During this time, PS4 has had more exclusives. So I don't know what people mean when they say "better holiday lineup". If halo and forza in a short span of time means "better" then suit yourself, but "xbox coming hard as heck lately", I have to say, "not yet" at least wait till they have released their first AAA since holidays of last year.

DigitalRaptor1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Please enlighten me how 2-3 months of potentially better sales in North America spells trouble for Sony, when they have a lot setup to ensure they do well this holiday season? The only names Xbox has in its portfolio that could bring a large spike in sales over the PS4 is Halo and perhaps Gears, but this holiday there is an Uncharted game releasing on PS4, and bigger names than Halo are getting exclusive marketing on the PS4 (Star Wars and CoD).

Coming back "hard as heck" only puts Xbox at equal opportunity to do well by Microsoft's own standards. PS4 will continue to pull away globally. It has over 50% of the market to itself and the console hasn't even truly hit its stride yet.

The PS4's 2016 lineup is currently unmatched when it comes to global appeal, and they are yet to announce at least 2 more WWS games coming in 2016 before the end of the year. So by my count, they have about 15 sizeable exclusives scheduled for next year, without mentioning the large and ambitious exclusive games from indie studios such as WiLD, No Man's Sky, RiME, Firewatch, The Witness, What Remains of Edith Finch, ABZU and Hardware Rivals.

I was right when i said that no PlayStation console in history has a stellar exclusive lineup before 2-3 years into the cycle. I've said this stuff for years. People like to mock what they don't recognise. The end of this year going into the next is the point in which the PS4 becomes a mammoth unstoppable beast, and the library is shaping up to be about as impressive as the PS2's was.

RpgSama1541d ago


"Satyre28", HA, I get it now, Satire, very funny, good one.

KwietStorm1541d ago

Coming so hard that they get outsold on a weekly basis. PlayStation is in trouble......... dot dot dot

Cohagen4201541d ago

That Forza/Halo combo, ohhhh noooeez..../s

djplonker1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Exactly like last year.... halo mcc/forza:h2

Real original Microsoft.

WellyUK1540d ago

and what is wrong with that? They are big xbox names and most xbox players will buy them especially Halo... Amazes me how some of you morons can't deal with the fact that Halo is still a killer exclusive and is one of the best /MP/co-op/story experiences around.

I don't see Sony with a massive shooter with those traits, which is one of the reasons why for me at the moment Sony needs more Western games that aim for that audience as they dont have ANYTHING that competes with Halo anymore. Personally a Resistance would be great to fill that void.

rainslacker1540d ago

Worked well for them last year...oh wait.

jb2271541d ago

Well if we are solely talking about new announcements I believe Halo Wars was the only new game announced at Gamescom, so Sony should be fine even if QD was the only game announced and they fleshed out their other big titles, but chances are there will be more than a single new game announced considering at least a half dozen quality studios have unannounced games in development. It's all relative really, MS has a handful of titles with broad appeal on deck & Sony has a pretty hefty portfolio with games for all tastes coming up, MS might be an exciting prospect for you but there are over 25 million ps4 owners that seem to be more invested in Sonys diverse approach to exclusives.

MysticStrummer1541d ago

"Xbox has been coming hard as heck lately."

Rigor mortis is setting in?

Just kidding. XB1 isn't doing badly but PS4 continues to widen the gap, so while XB1 may very well make up a bit of ground over the holidays, which I actually don't think is a given, PS4 will definitely not be in trouble when the new year rolls around.

andibandit1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Sony isn't in any kind of trouble, I'd problably crack a smile though, if they announced some non japanese RPG's or shooters.

kenshiro1001540d ago

Oh dear, Forza and Halo. God help us all./s

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Justiceleague1541d ago

Looking forward to the new games! :)

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