Noted PC game distributor Green Man Gaming is selling Nintendo games now

Green Man Gaming, a digital distributor of PC games, announced that it will begin selling Nintendo games on its website.

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Coachkeys1544d ago

Very cool, but I don't think they'll be able to cut prices like they do for PC. If they're able to lower prices on certain titles then bravo.

s45gr321544d ago

This is cool, could this mean Nintendo goes from selling hardware to just software

wonderfulmonkeyman1544d ago

Because even in third place, the profits made from hardware are a big part of what keeps Nintendo afloat.

They aren't dropping consoles.

superchiller1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

If the NX bombs like the Wii U did, Nintendo will certainly be done in the gaming hardware business, regardless of what you think. Let's hope that they don't cripple it with gimmicks, like all their recent hardware, because if they do, it will be the end of new hardware products from Nintendo. Probably would be better for everyone if Nintendo just went software only, their hardware has been mediocre for over a decade.

s45gr321543d ago

What if Nintendo decides to bring the improved version of the wii u pad as both the console and handheld.

wonderfulmonkeyman1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Chiller, regardless of what YOU think, Nintendo has the cash to spare to go through the NX, failure or not, and continue making consoles, due to all the profits coming in from not only their handheld sector, but also from other business deals both currently running, and in the near future.

You've always hated and underestimated Nintendo; you never give credit to the amount of profit they bring in and are always claiming they're one step away from going software only.
I'd go so far as to say you're worse than Micheal Pachter, with the way you constantly down-talk about them without taking the bigger picture into account.
You're not qualified to talk about their business decisions, nor whether or not they'll continue surviving.

1544d ago