'R-Type Dimensions' Coming to Xbox Live Arcade

GamerBytes Reports: "The Australian classification website has just updated with a whopper of a scoop - 'R-Type Dimensions' is coming to the Xbox Live Arcade!

From what we can gather, the game is being published by Microsoft themselves, and not title creators Irem, who recently released R-Type Tactics to the PSP. The game is being developed by Tozai Inc, who are also currently working on the fantastic looking 'Lode Runner' for Xbox Live Arcade.

Will it be a new version of R-Type, or a variation of a previous title? It will be interesting to see how this pans out. Surprising how the Xbox 360 has become the platform of choice for these kinds of games."

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Remember playing the original R-Type in the arcades when i was younger and pumping loadsa 10p's in the machine.

Still remember the music vividly from the first level - still think the bouncy laser is one of the best weapon upgrades ever!

Would love to see it released like Ikaruga - hidef version maybe with better collision detection also.

*Thinks of the original 3rd level and the huge spaceship that pretty much WAS the level,wow*